The Call of Intuition

This book shows how integrating and balancing your three inner guides–intuition, instinct, and insight–helps you unleash your deepest creative wisdom and move forward with a renewed zest for life.

You will discover how to work with chakras, crystals, mindfulness, spirit guides, prayers, and more as you become attuned to the natural flow of universal energy.

Filled with practical, hands-on techniques and playful exercises, The Call of Intuition is all about embracing life as an act of co-creation and learning to let go of the compulsive desire for total control.

Author Kris Franken shows you how to consciously connect to intuition through six steps: Breathe, Surrender, Connect, Trust, Honour, and Nourish. You will also explore angels, mantras, tarot cards, clutter clearing, meditation, and journaling on your journey to manifesting your own highest good.

The Call of Intuition will be out on November 8th, 2020 (US release date. Available in Australia/Canada/UK December 2020).

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With great warmth and wisdom, Kris has deftly woven both science and soul to offer an intelligent discovery on the relationship between instinct, insight and intuition, and how we can use this wisdom to live with conscious connection.
The soulful prompts and activities woven throughout offer the reader opportunities to develop their own self-awareness, while the wonderfully astonishing amount of holistic information offers many gateways into spiritually connecting with our soulful selves. Relatable, compassionate and educated, Kris deftly draws on her own experience, her vast spiritual knowledge, and her keen insights for an enlightened read. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, The Call of Intuition will meet you there, gifting you with rich perspective and many gems of intuitive wisdom.

Dr. BethAnne K.W., author of Things of That Nature: words for the mystic heart and the Lamentations of The Sea trilogy.

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