Channelled Guidance Session with Kris Franken

Channelled Guidance Session

An opportunity to connect with my Council of Light to ask questions and feel supported and guided on your spiritual path.


When we connect I’ll guide you through a channelled meditation, open to whatever questions you have for the Council, and finish with a healing to activate your highest vibration in readiness for the next step on your path.


90 minutes on zoom ~ AU$149

Starseed Activation Journey

This is a chance to spend time with your Galactic Star Council to receive cellular activations, light language, healing rituals, and loving support on your Earth Excursion.

Get to know what Star Systems your Soul comes from, how to connect with these each day and use the gifts your have on a Star level to deepen your purpose.

90 minutes on zoom ~ AU$149

Starseed Activation Journey with Kris Franken
Soul Purpose Mission with Kris Franken

Soul Purpose Mission

Join me for a session of deep-diving into your gifts, talents, purpose and path to reveal more creativity, abundance, fulfilment, joy, or whatever you’re searching for.

I’ll use tarot cards, guidance from my Council, and insights throughout our conversation to help you navigate your way back onto the blueprint of your Soul.

90 minutes on zoom ~ AU$149

Personalised Meditation Journey

Lay quietly to relax and receive a personalised, channeled meditation created specifically for your needs. This meditation can connect you to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Spirit Animals, or take you on a healing journey within.


Shared live with you online and sent as a beautiful recording for you to keep and play whenever you need it.


45 minutes on zoom ~ AU$69

Personalised Meditation Journey with Kris Franken
Solar Energy Healing with Kris Franken

Solar Energy Healing

Lay in your own bed or favourite serene space and open to receive divine healing from the Golden Sun and Source energy. I will bring through cleansing, healing, grounding and protective energy from Divine Light to renew your spirit, tend to your body, calm your mind and gently activate the lightcodes of your Soul.

You’ll be sent a recording of this healing to tune into whenever you need it.

60 minutes on zoom ~ AU $111

I’m looking forward to connecting with you. If you have questions, message me here.

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