Imagine sitting with an ancient community of deeply encouraging sisters and brothers deep in the halls of an old temple. This place, so serene, loving, and deeply nourishing, heals your spirit each time you enter.

The people you assemble with inspire you to reach higher, to shine brighter, to live your greater purpose. You are called to honour the gifts that your Soul has brought with you into this life and to remember how sacred and special you are.

Now imagine a modern-day global version of this sacred gathering… only this temple is made of pure light. 

Kris Franken

Welcome, Sweet Soul.

I meet you at the entrance to the Temple of Light with open arms and a grateful heart. I’m blessed you would draw close to this beautiful space created for seekers, healers, guides, coaches, teachers, starseeds, empaths and wayshowers.



There’s a place saved for you here to replenish your inner light and sacred lifeforce. A place where you’ll discover your deepest purpose, connect with like-hearted friends, learn healing rituals, and become wiser along your journey. 



As we join together here, we are nourished, awakened, loved, and truly alive. From this place, we are able to powerfully share our personal truth and love with the world. I hope you’ll join us; together we will enhance our powerful gifts and luminous energy to heal ourselves and guide our communities through this intense awakening on earth.

Created to restore the health and vibrancy of those on their spiritual path, the Temple of Light is guided by spiritual mentor and wildhearted author, Kris Franken. It’s a place to remind you of what matters to your Soul.


As we bring together ancient mysteries for this modern time, we awaken to personal and collective greatness, service, expansion, bliss and abundance so that together we may guide humanity into a new paradigm founded on love.


All of your being is welcome within these walls of light. All genders and sexual orientations. All religious and spiritual beliefs. All of you. All in. As we grow together, we weave a spell of magnificence and inclusivity for all.

Journeying into the Temple of Light is about:​

It is my prayer that this Temple will hold sacred space for you to rise into the fullest and most radiant expression of your being.

The Temple of Light Membership includes:

Kris creates a space of openness; a place to nurture the creativity of the soul, unveil its purpose and express fully and freely. It’s a joyous, elevated experience to work with her.
Kris is a warm, compassionate soul. I love her gentle approach, and her lovely meditations are always soothing. I highly recommend her as a coach, mentor and guide.

Join the Temple of Light

AUD $295 for the first year and 

AUD $195 for each year thereafter

I’m looking forward to connecting with you in this sacred space. If you have any questions about the Temple of Light, check the FAQ below or message me here.


The group will meet live on Zoom at on the first Tuesday of each month.

You’ll receive the Zoom link in an email each month before the group gatherings. If you miss the live gathering, a recording of the first half of the session will be sent in an email the following day. (Note: see next question for more information about the recordings) 

The first half of each monthly call – including Kris’ insights, meditations, and general mentoring will be recorded. The second half of the call – including the Q&A session with those present on the call will not be recorded.

Healing in the Temple meditations will be shared each month on the live call with Kris. These recordings will be sent to your inbox following the gathering.

It’s my intention to coordinate at least one retreat each year in Byron Bay and one in Ubud, Bali however due to COVID, dates and details cannot be confirmed at this time.

There’s no formal payment plan at this stage, however please contact me if you’d like assistance.

Your annual renewal payment will be automatically processed on the same date each year, unless you unsubscribe prior to that date.

If you wish to unsubscribe, log in to your Temple subscription here and complete the necessary steps.

No refunds will be issued for change of mind.

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