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Oracle and Tarot cards are immeasurably helpful, deeply insightful and remarkably inspiring. Through a handful of intuitively chosen cards, I can help you understand your current situation, get to know yourself on a Soul level, see your life with clarity, help you through a transition, or illuminate your unique path.

I’ve been reading cards for many years now, so I am able to dive deep and provide clarity and soulful advice on a range of topics. As a clairvoyant psychic I am also able to connect with Spirit through your Highest Self, Spirit Guides (including ancestors), Archangels, or Animal Totems, or anyone else who wants to give you a dose of wholehearted direction and connection. You might be surprised at the level of kindness, practicality and good humour that flows through a reading.

All readings will be emailed to you within ten days of receiving payment. (Please note I do not answer predictions nor can I give medical or legal assistance.) In your PayPal notes or via my contact page, please specify the cards that you would like me to work with (see below). I will confirm the timing of the reading with you ASAP.. And if you’d like a unique reading just for your situation that you don’t see here, let me know via my contact page, I’d be so happy to create something personal for you.


CLARITY READING. Let’s get clear about what’s really going on for you. Perhaps there’s a situation you’d like direction in, or you’re going through a difficult period that you’d like some guidance around. If you’re feeling stuck, unsure or disoriented, I would love to help with this brief but powerful glimpse into Spirit’s light. Let’s get you back in alignment with your Spirit’s compass.

1. Present: What is your current situation? What’s really going on?

2. Guidance: Who or what is guiding you through this time? What do they want you to know?

3. Focus: What is the most empowered next step? Where should your attention be?


ALCHEMY READING. What is transforming in your life? Who are you becoming in this period of soul growth and change? If you’re going through a time of deep transformation, surrender, and digging into the truth of who you are, this five-card wonder will reveal so much that’s under the surface. Alchemy is about transforming or purifying basic substances into a more precious material like gold. You, beloved, are the alchemist awakening the gilded life within.

1. Core: Who are you in your Soul’s essence? How does this inform your purpose?

2. Alchemy: How are you transforming? What are you turning into gold?

3. Guidance: Who or what is guiding you through this transformation?

4. Awakening: What are you awakening? What depths are you bringing to light?

5. Healing: What kind of healing will help you to evolve?


LIGHTWORKER READING. A juicy, in-depth look at your powerful purpose. With these seven cards I can illuminate precious information from your past lives, your inherent inner purpose, your unique gifts, talents and magic, how you best serve others with a full and happy heart, and the ways your body, mind and Soul prefer to rest, play and replenish.

1. Lineage: What are the themes of your past lives? Is there a specific life you need to connect to and learn from?

2. Purpose: Why are you here in this life? What is your purpose and how is it unfolding?

3. Gifts: What are your natural skills and talents on a soul level?

4. Magic: What is your unique and special magic? How does this add sparkle to your purpose?

5. Lightwork: What are you here to do? How do you best serve others?

6. Pleasure: What lights you up and how do you fuse this into your purpose?

7. Regenerate: How do you need to regularly rest and replenish your whole self?



13 influential cards to map out your next 12 months + insight and guidance from Spirit.

This powerful reading is an extensive, practical, helpful and sacred manual; an intuitive companion to help you along your journey. I will take a good look at the themes, patterns, issues, and overall energies ahead. I’m not predicting anything specific, but rather opening up to Spirit and allowing the energy of each month to come forth and guide you.

This is a popular ritual at the beginning of the year but can be done at any time, such as your birthday, an important occasion, or when you need a fresh start.

You will receive:
~ One card for the overall theme of the year {picture + detailed info}
~ One card for each month {picture + detailed info}
~ Insight from Spirit, including your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Archangels and/or Ascended Masters
~ Access to me for the year {one email per month with questions}

If this sounds like something you’d love to have to light your way, let’s make it happen, sweet soul.



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