Wildhearted Journeys

Hi, I’m Kris Franken, a mystic, wayshower and guide. I offer uniquely crafted online journeys for women. These include meditations, channelled Spirit guidance, oracle and tarot card wisdom, and live sound and energy healing to help you connect deeply with the wisdom and guidance of your Soul.

These journeys can be one on one, curated for small groups, or in a retreat setting.

I’m here at this time to help women connect with their Soul’s essence. Within this essence is so much insight, healing and love. Through our journeys together I can hold space for you to discover your wise intuitive abilities, open your psychic senses, bring to life your gifts and talents, connect to and expand your Soul’s purpose, release blocks and density, surrender unwanted conditioning, and come home to a deeper sense of peace, fulfilment and bliss.

✨ MEDITATIONS are channelled from the Great Mother just for you, recorded for you to keep

✨ INSIGHT moves through me from my Spirit Guides to help you on your Soul’s path

✨ HEALING is sent through the Sun’s immense light, plus crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes and other instruments if requested/needed

✨ ORACLE and tarot cards provide practical and loving wisdom

We all need wayshowers at this potent time in the awakening of humanity. We aren’t meant to walk alone.

If you’d like to experience a WILDHEARTED JOURNEY with me, complete the form below and you will be sent all the information you need make that booking. Let me know if you would like a discount if your business has been affected by recent restrictions. All journeys are 60-90 minutes and may include some or all of the offerings mentioned above. If there’s something specific you’d like, mention it in your message.

I am a qualified meditation teacher and energy healer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology. I’m currently studying the art of sound healing and have been channelling Spirit for many years. I’m gratefully an eternal student of the intuitive arts.

I look forward to connecting with you and your radiant light.

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