Spiritual Mentoring

I’m here to empower you. To hold space for you to follow your eternally wise heart. To guide you towards deep abundance. To help you tap into creative fulfilment. To map out an expansive wholehearted business. To align you with your Soul’s purpose.

Your Soul has its own sacred direction. If you’re feeling confused or lost along your spiritual path, if you’re looking for a deeper intuitive connection to your wild heart, or if you need a mentor to guide you onto your highest purpose, I’m here to help you find your way home.

In my sessions I bring through guidance from Spirit, work with oracle cards and use my unique intuitive understanding of your path to find the highest and most abundant path that serves you the most.

Let’s work together so you can access the beautiful, radical, intuitive and unique voice within.

I’m Kris Franken, spiritual author and guide.

I’ve guided many clients into an awe-inspiring connection with their intuition, higher purpose and deeper bliss. I’ve seen them create a more satisfying and soulful direction and witnessed their miraculous purpose come to life.

This is what I desire for you: to be free from conditioning, attachments and judgments, to hold a sacred map for your future that feels aligned in every way, to feel peace with your life as it unfolds, and to discover a deeper connection to your gifts, talents, intuition and dreams.

These soul sessions are a jam-packed conversation about what matters to you most, whether that’s your Soul purpose, spiritual path, intuitive knowing, daily rituals, self-belief, Divine Feminine healing, or abundant manifesting.

In these sessions we open up to intuitive guidance through meditation, connection with Spirit Guides, oracle guidance and other insights from the higher realms.

I’m here to create a session that works for you and your needs. As a highly intuitive mentor, I will call in what you need to know for your most expansive, highest good.

AU$150 for an hour-long session / AU$280 for a two-hour session

This journey is for those who are ready to dive deep into their Soul’s unique purpose and path. Together we look into the depths of your Soul purpose, spiritual path, gifts and medicine, social media messaging, creative offerings, abundance beliefs and intuitive knowing.

We can connect three weeks in a row or space it out at a pace that works for you – up to three months. Each session is sixty minutes long and includes a meditation and card reading. I’m also available for you between sessions via email at any time.

AU$420 for three hour-long sessions

These magical programs are for those who want to make bold and exciting changes on their journey. In this time you will find the confidence to up-level your service to humanity, the abundance to expand your life way past old limitations, and the blueprint to make it happen wholeheartedly. Through this journey you will get to know your gifts intimately and how to radiate them into the world. You will become a lightleader living your purpose and changing lives daily, with a confidence in your spiritual rituals, self-belief and spiritual connection.

We can connect every two weeks for three months or space them out at a pace that works for you – up to six months. Each session is sixty minutes long and includes a meditation and card reading. I’m also available for you between sessions via email at any time.

AU$800 for six hour-long sessions

111 Journal Prompts for Aligning With Your Soul – my ebook created exclusively for mentoring clients

❀ Personalised meditation – recorded for you to keep forever

❀ Oracle/tarot reading looking into your purpose, talents & gifts

❀ Follow-up emails to keep you on track & inspired

❀ 10% off the price of the Temple of Light community

If you’re ready to bring your purpose, intuition and higher self to life, fill in the contact form below.

If you’re interested in ‘Soul Searching’ or ‘Magic Making’ sessions, let’s make a time to connect over Zoom so we can discuss your unique needs and create a plan that’s perfect for you. Drop me a message below to start your journey!

Sending wild blessings,

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