Intuitive Mentoring

As an intuitive mentor, I guide others on their spiritual path towards all that is aligned with their deepest purpose and highest good. I help them rediscover the light within themselves, to find healing, bliss and connection to the higher realms.

My divine purpose is to empower others to follow their eternally wise hearts and trust their inner wisdom.

My guidance is feminine and fluid. I help others open to deeper abundance, feel greater fulfilment, expand their wholehearted business and align with their Soul’s light by connecting them to the direction of their sacred Spirit.

If you’re feeling confused or lost along your Soul’s path, if you’re needing guidance while writing a book, if you’re looking for a guide to activate your inner power, if you want to meet with your Guides, Masters and Ancestors, and/or if you’re wanting a deeply tangible and reliable connection to your intuitive self, I can help you wherever you’re at.

This is what I desire for you: to be free from expectations and judgments, to hold a sacred map for your future overflowing with possibilities, to feel peace in the present, to live from your intuitive heart, and to discover a deeper connection to your guides, gifts, talents, and dreams.

I’ve intuitively guided many clients into a deeply soulful direction on their own wild path. And I’d be honoured to help you, too.

As we journey together for three months, you’ll receive:

❀ Six zoom sessions, each an hour long

❀ Unlimited access to me for three months

❀ Regular check-ins and inspiration to keep your progress on track

111 Journal Prompts for Aligning With Your Soul – my ebook that is only available for mentoring clients

❀ 20-minute personalised meditation

❀ Oracle/tarot reading

Investment: AU$1,150 incl GST (payment plans available)

I’ve curated a one-time Soul Session where you’ll receive:

❀ A deep-diving, two-hour zoom session

111 Journal Prompts for Aligning With Your Soul – my ebook that is only available for mentoring clients

❀ Personalised meditation – recorded for you to keep forever

❀ Oracle/tarot reading

❀ Follow-up emails to keep you on track & inspired

Investment: AU$550 incl GST

If you’d like to begin a mentoring program with me, please fill in the contact form below. Let me know if you’d like to create a personalised payment plan, or if you’d like a program curated specifically for your needs.

If you cannot afford my prices, I am open to an energy exchange that feels easier for you. Let me know if the form below how many sessions you would like and how much you are able to pay for each, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

As a unique guide and mentor, Kris operates in such a way where she breathes life into the legacy of others. She guides intuitively and thoughtfully from a place of gentleness and otherworldly wisdom. She is kind with her encouragement, generous with her knowledge and wholeheartedly invested in the spiritual wellbeing of others. She created a space of openness with me; a place to nurture the creativity of the soul, unveil its purpose and express fully and freely. It’s a joyous, elevated experience to work with her, and I couldn’t recommend a more perfect mentor for the shift the world is going through. Thank you, Kris!” Jessica

Sending wild love & blessings,

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