One of the biggest joys of my life is guiding others back to the wild, wise and eternal wisdom of their Soul, whether it’s as an intuitive guide, soul purpose mentor, self-healing coach, or meditation teacher.

We’re all transforming and awakening during this potent moment in history, and I believe we need to gather around us the lightworkers who we align with the deepest. This community of Soul connections will assist you to grow into the highest version of yourself.

I have many healers, mentors, coaches, soul sisters and brothers in my community. I don’t believe anyone needs to push through, hustle hard, or transform on their own. So if I can help you in any way, there’s a form to connect at the end of this page.


Are you ready to feel abundant, fulfilled, and aligned with your Soul’s purpose?

I would be so thrilled to connect with you as a Soul Purpose Mentor. During three months together I’ll be guiding you onto your unique path towards a deeply nourishing career in whatever wild and wonderful way that may work with your unique self.

If you’re feeling confused or undecided along your Soul’s path, if you’ve lost your job and are unsure of what to do next, or if you’re on a break and unsure of where you’re headed, I can help you find your way with my Soul Purpose Mentorship program.

This is what I desire for you: to be free from attachments to other people’s expectations and ideas; to hold a sacred map for your future with numerous exciting possibilities, to feel peace in the present however it may look, and a connection with your gifts, talents, and dreams.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a gift for seeing the threads of purpose woven into my friends’ lives. I’ve intuitively nudged them into a more satisfying and fulfilling job or course where they miraculously come alive. Whether it’s because I studied psychology at university, interviewed dozens of career experts as a journalist, or developed a strong intuition around career changes personally, I absolutely love to guide people onto a valuable career path. I’ve helped friends jump from one industry to another, expand their small business, discover a new direction completely, and tap into their purpose.

If you’re looking for a mentor to guide you towards your next step or dream job, here’s what I can do:

🌟 Highlight your Soul’s deepest gifts & talents and help you move into the industry that you align with the most.

🌟 Discover what really lights you up and show you how to manifest a job that suits your lifestyle.

🌟 Show you how to transfer your brilliance and skills from one industry to another.

🌟 Bring more creativity to your career or help you get a side-hustle happening.

🌟 Untether you from expectations and limitations from others and from the limits created by your ego’s small self.

Three-Month Mentorship Program

I’ll be taking on a maximum of six people at a time, including one scholarship*, every three months.

Price: $185 + gst (or three payments of $65 + gst over three months)

What you’ll receive:

🌴 Three 60-minute one-on-one zoom calls over three months

🌴 Exercises, reading material & journal prompts each month

🌴 Weekly check-ins to keep your progress on track

🌴 My new e-book 111 Journal Prompts for Aligning With Your Soul

🌴 A personalized 30-minute meditation

🌴 A mini tarot reading all about your purpose

πŸ’˜ If you’d like to apply for a mentorship, please fill in the form below with a short description of your current work status.

πŸ’˜ I’m looking forward to working with you and bringing more abundance, fulfillment, and purpose into your life!

* If you’ve recently lost your job or are struggling financially, you can apply for a scholarship. Send me a note below and I’ll send you an application. One successful entrant will join in each round of mentorships at no cost.

πŸ“Ώ More information coming soon on teaching meditations and self-healing coaching. If you’d like a meditation created just for you, or you’d like to connect and learn to surrender your way to glowing health, fill in the contact form above and I’ll be in touch soon.

πŸ“Ώ Sending wild love x

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