Reiki Healings



I am a certified Reiki healer in Sydney, Australia, delivering potent Reiki healing to beautiful souls all over the world.

I fell in love with the high-vibing, immensely loving, wildly powerful healing of Reiki years ago when I personally experienced so much warmth, healing, connection, and insight during a healing. The overwhelming sense of love and peace from one particular Reiki session was the catalyst for learning Reiki myself.

Reiki is a deeply spiritual healing modality that uses life force energy to treat the whole person, including their physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. It’s for everyone! The benefits of Reiki are deep and vast, including relaxation, rejuvenation, feelings of peace and contentment, improved wellbeing and pain or discomfort relief. Reiki is simple, natural and safe, and it works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques. Some people report feeling the healing as it is happening; others feel it unfold gently and powerfully over the course of a few days following the session. All healings are unique to the individual.

All my Reiki sessions are one hour long and are equal in their power – none of the sessions below differ in the quantity or quality of Reiki delivered. They are all distance healings, so wherever you are in the world you can relax at home and receive deep healing. How deliciously convenient!

In your PayPal notes or via my contact page, please specify the date and time you would like your Reiki healing (in your timezone) and if you have any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual areas you’d like me to focus on. I will confirm the timing with you within 24 hours of your payment. I require at least 48 hours notice for all bookings.


Luminous Reiki is a generous dose of Reiki to help you heal and gain clarity. I will also use my clairvoyant skills to tap into your Highest Self for some loving and practical guidance.

Enjoy one hour of deeply healing Reiki at a time that’s convenient for you, plus I will send you an email with recommendations for your wellbeing from your Highest Self and Spirit. All messages are loving and for your highest good.


Insightful Reiki is a generous dose of Reiki to help you heal yourself, as well as receive guidance from one of the many loving Spirit Guides who are currently assisting you, wisdom from an Animal Totem, and/or divine advice from an Ascended Master who is working closely with you.

Enjoy one hour of nourishing Reiki and receive a detailed email with insights from your Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and/or Ascended Masters.


Rainbow Reiki is a generous dose of Reiki to help you heal yourself, plus the balancing and renewal of your seven rainbow-hued chakras, and personal guidance from the sage, rainbow Archangels.

Enjoy one hour of restorative healing, with a focus on your seven inner chakras. Shortly after your healing, I will be in touch with any guidance from your Chakras, Highest Self and the Archangels for the benefit of your wellbeing.


I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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