Cacao & Rose

COME WITH ME ON A BLISSFUL JOURNEY as we create a healing winter cocoon with fortnightly CACAO & ROSE ceremonies from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox 2022. 

Each fortnight we’ll come together with Mama Cacao to honour the sacred Rose, take a healing meditative journey within our heartspace, and share our experiences in a nurturing women’s circle.

Each ceremony will be unique and crafted with loving intention to guide you into your heart for healing, wisdom and nourishment with the support of Mother Cacao & Rose. 

IN PERSON ceremonies are in my abode in the Byron Hinterland fortnightly on Mondays from June 20th to September 29th at 10am–noon. Dates: 20/6, 4/7, 18/7, 1/8, 15/8, 29/8, 12/9, 26/9


🌹 Circle 1: Setting intention & WINTER cocoon 🥀

🌹 Circle 2: Diving deep into the medicine of CACAO 🥀

🌹 Circle 3: The mystery & healing of the ROSE 🥀

🌹 Circle 4: Mother EARTH wisdom & connection 🥀

🌹 Circle 5: Temple of the HEART & listening within 🥀

🌹 Circle 6: Sacred FIRE healing & inner flame journey 🥀

🌹 Circle 7: SOUL purpose activation & renewal 🥀

🌹 Circle 8: Welcoming SPRING & purposeful seeding 🥀

SACRED CACAO is a heart medicine that has been revered for thousands of years for its healing properties. Cacao is a gift from the Mother, a delicious, blissful way to connect our bodies into the earth, elevate our consciousness into the heavens and open our hearts to experience a deeper connection with all that is.

ROSE is similar in its heart opening and deep healing properties. Rose helps us to feel wrapped in the embrace of the Divine Mother and to feel safely held by the Mother within. Rose’s beauty mirrors our own beauty and expands our mind to see the beauty in and around us. 

TOGETHER they guide us inwards to the magnificent and mysterious wisdom and power of our heart. When we are able to sense our own infinite pulse, we are able to discover an aligned community, our Soul’s purpose, our wild intuition, and the highest path for our healing.

As we journey in a sacred circle of women to explore our hearts as they are activated by the medicine of Cacao and Rose, we find a greater presence in life, a more powerful love towards self and others, and an inimitable beauty that shines through us and all life.


🌹 In person immersion: $290 series / $40 one-off

Includes ceremonial cacao, rose medicine, crystal bowl healing, unique guided meditations each session, sharing circle, and snacks.  

To book your space, send me an email via the button below.  


I would love to create a cacao ceremony for you and your friends in the local Byron/Mullumbimby area.  If you’re planning on hosting a women’s circle, blessingway, special birthday, or another occasion where you’d like to honour the moment with cacao, get in touch via the link below.  

❤️ Love & blessings,

x Kris 

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