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You’ve hustled all day. You made things happen, been to the gym/yoga sesh, connected with like-minded hustlers, eaten on the
There’s a presence within that is yearning for your attention. Can you hear it calling to you? Can you feel
Hold my hand, sweet one While we sleep Let our minds Anchor each other And reset Back to love So
So many of my best blog posts and magazine articles started their lives as pen on paper. There’s something so
You are such a magnificent creature, but you'll never live up to your incredible potential if you're not deeply looking
This is what happens when you're playing big in life and nervousness blindsides you. You’re about to launch your blog,
I’m super passionate about mindful eating. It's a gastronomical game changer. For me, it’s a way of regularly celebrating food,
  Journaling is sacred to me. It's so intuitive, humbling, exciting, insightful, soulful and most of all, enlightening. When I
Raw Untethered Dancing in the rain Singing in the trampoline Limitless love Rock-solid boundaries Curly hair, salty lips Embodying the
What is a spiritual practice anyway? Does it need crystals, oracle cards, and meditation? Recently I had a big soul
People who nurture themselves have an intoxicating sweetness about them. They feel like an anchor of love... On the surface,
A spiritual practice is something you do every day that brings you close to your Soul, your true self. Closer
Sparkling copy gets attention, no matter where it lands. As a writer, I've found that if I'm not pushing my
In the morning before you open your eyes, start the day with an inner visualisation. First, let your roots sink
Working from home can be a such a joy. It's my favourite way to work, and it's meant that I've
Hand on my heart, writing as a freelance journalist was one of the biggest and most fulfilling highlights of my
Are you curious about numerology? Do you wonder how numbers can guide us to understand ourselves better? Or how they
Shamanic healing - or shamanism - is one of the oldest forms of healing on the planet. It originated in
Creativity is my life. It's about more than just a tool to discover good ideas and bring them to life.

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