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You are intuitive. Always have been, always will be. You can't improve your intuition, you can't make it any better.
  I used to be super cautious about reading my own tarot and oracle cards. I thought they were only
In the beginning there was only God. Only pure love, light and intelligence. Nothing else. No Universe. No galaxies. No
Connecting with Spirit Guides and Archangels has become such a beautiful, everyday habit for me – like stirring tea into
The Archangels have carried me through dark times, brought light to my toughest days, raised my Spirit when I couldn’t,
How do we move through the troubling times in the world? How can we heal and save the planet while
  There are many delicious, decadent and soulful ways to nourish yourself and look after your whole being. Your body,
From my experience with deeply spiritual people, and all along my own personal spiritual path, I’ve come across these 11
I completely and utterly adore transcendental meditation. It’s the best foundation for a solid and deeply spiritual practice, and it’s
Navigating through this unpredictable life with a mindful outlook and an open heart can feel difficult at first. For years
It's one thing to feel spiritually alive. To meditate. To align your thoughts with love. To manifest an abundant mindset.
Blessed be the Earth for providing us this food Blessed be the Sun for helping it to grow Blessed be
Humans were made for loving humans Hands were made for holding hands and touching others with a heartfelt, raw and
Every day we rise. Every single day we have the chance to start anew. To create what we want from
Stories help us feel connected, understood, inspired, moved, and most alive. Stories are the easiest, humblest and most powerful way
There's an eternal drive in all of us to find our purpose, leave our mark, create a legacy. It's something
Spirituality is hard to define. It’s obscure and that’s a good thing, because it means a million different things to
The first feelings of love. The heart of a massage. A chance meeting of like-minded friends. A sun shower on
Writers dream up ideas, weave words together, then wrap them up in a net of hope and catapult them out
Books uplift me. They heal me. They remind me of who I am. They teach me how to live a

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