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To understand intuition more clearly and how it works within us, I like to compare it to water. The ocean
Rise now, oh soft and fierce feminine heart of mine. Come to me. Sit with me in the stillness and
I've been using affirmations in my life since before I knew what they were. I've always been strangely optimistic about
Every morning I sit in the sunshine as it first peers into the back of our house, or if I'm
When your human self was born, your brilliant spark of light glowed inside and around your newborn body. This light
The more conscious you become, the more you'll notice the energy within and around you. Energy that can change with
Insights are a part of your expansive intuitive guidance system, but they're not the same as intuition. They're when new
Divine timing is the great mystery in motion. It’s timing that goes beyond and above earthly time, a plan that
To be empowered is to own your infinite power. To honour your ancient wisdom. To draw on inner courage in
Over the years of dipping in and out of self-care practices, I’ve discovered two ways that really charge up each
Soulful rituals and habits are the undercurrents that drive your spiritual life. But they lose their potency when they become
There are many gifts to be found at the core of discomfort, irritation, embarrassment, shame and pain, whether it be
Oh, sweet curiosity. It sounds diluted and dreamy, but when you take a good look into it; it’s so much
Great Spirit, I honour your presence in my life as the Divinity of my Soul. I am grateful for your
  When you connect to your highest self, your wild intuitive voice, you can navigate the world from the empowered
You are intuitive. Always have been, always will be. You can't improve your intuition, you can't make it any better.
  I used to be super cautious about reading my own tarot and oracle cards. I thought they were only
In the beginning there was only God. Only pure love, light and intelligence. Nothing else. No Universe. No galaxies. No
Connecting with Spirit Guides and Archangels has become such a beautiful, everyday habit for me – like stirring tea into
The Archangels have carried me through dark times, brought light to my toughest days, raised my Spirit when I couldn’t,

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