Healing with a Flower Ally

Healing with a Flower Ally

Flowers are our ancestors. All plants are. They have been here a lot longer than humans have and they have wisdom beyond ours. Communing with a flower is a journey that I’ve learned can be so wild and deep, so unexpected and unpredictable, and so powerfully healing.

Every flower on Mama Earth is a beautiful, powerful aspect of complete healing. The flowers know how to heal us and they have their own remarkable medicine to do so. The more time we spend with them, the more we are able to understand the way they work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Flowers are watching over us, they can read our energy field, communicate with us in many ways, and work in our bodies through remedies, tinctures, balms, salves, infusions, diffusions, food, and so much more. 

We can also call in the energy of the plant to guide us and tend to our wellbeing through meditation, song, presence and devotion.  

It’s all an elixir from the Mother. 

With so much confusion on Earth right now, it’s the flowers and plants, trees and rocks, waterways and mountains that are showing us the way. We’re not here to ‘use’ them for our own benefit, we’re here to commune with them, to follow their ancient guidance towards a New Earth. 

The flowers know what we need, their medicine evolves with us as it has always evolved with all of humanity over time. The flowers are individual and collective beacons of Divine intelligence. And as Mama Earth evolves into a higher evolution, the plants do this with Her in a trusting and immediate synchronicity. Its us humans who need to ‘keep up’; it’s us who think we’re the ones deciding the fate of the Earth, where it’s Mama Earth who has the ultimate power of the future, if only we would pause to observe, listen, receive, and give thanks.

When connecting with a flower ally, it’s important to be as intuitive as possible. This process is not about us as humans demanding that the flowers have a specific outcome in our bodies, minds, spirits and lives, in fact it’s about undoing the idea that we’re in control or superior to any plant.

As you journey with the ideas below, I encourage you to listen deeply to your own heart and Soul, and the pace, medicine and energy of the plants. Imagine the plants all around you as your beloved Ancestors, because that’s exactly what they are.


Flower Ally Journey

  1. The first step is to set an intention around your overall desire for communing with a particular flower – this is before deciding on a flower! Take out a journal and write down why you’ve been drawn to this process, and if you have any specific desires. Then surrender it to Mama Earth.
  2. Ask the flower that’s most aligned with your healing journey to show itself to you over the next few days. You may notice it at the shops, in your garden, on social media, on an oracle card, in a conversation, or somewhere else. Once you’ve seen the same flower in various places three times, your flower has found you.
  3. Before you look up anything about the flower, take time to introduce yourself to it. If it’s a flower that can’t be found fresh where you live at this time, see if you can find a dried handful of flowers. And if you can’t find this either, take time to draw it in your journal. Usually the flower that finds you is one that grows near you, but often we find plant spirits drawing us to them that cannot be found nearby.
  4. Once you’ve introduced yourself and shared your intention, create space to sit with the flower. As you meditate with it, open your heart and tune in to anything the flower wishes to share with you. You may see colours, receive messages, begin to hum a tune, massage your body, dance, or otherwise interact with this being.
  5. When the meditative interaction feels complete, give thanks and write in your journal what you experienced.

Your journey has just begun!

Here are a few more ways that you can connect deeper with this – or any – flower:

✺ Grow this plant and communicate with it every day. Ask it what it needs, how much to water it, and send it love. Sing to it! Ask it for permission when you wish to cut a flower from the plant.

✺ If this is an edible flower and can be taken internally, then make herbal magic with it every day for 21 days and notice how this deepens the connection. Make a tea, distilled water, an edible oil, vinegar or honey infusion, or decorate a drink or cake. Look up this flower online to be inspired with ways in which to mindfully play with it in the kitchen. Notice each day how your connection deepens. 

✺ If the flower is not edible, create an altar with fresh or dried flowers or the picture you drew of it. Meditate here for 21 days in a row and take note of how you are able to connect with the medicine and spirit of this flower each day. 

✺ During this journey you can call on this flower to speak to you in your dreams, send you serendipitous messages during the day, bring you the specific healing you require when you feel lost or confused, send loving healing to those in need of it, and so much more.

✺ As you create space for this connection, don’t let your ego tell you this is a frivolous indulgence; this is powerful work! Once the 21-day adventure is over, you will most likely naturally gravitate towards this flower at certain times of day or during certain emotional states. 

What flower will choose you next?

What allies will you gather close, like a bouquet of wild blooms ready to serve you at any moment?

Wild love,

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