Don’t Let the World Break Your Heart

The world is crumbling in places. People are hurting and confused, uncertain and fearful. Communities are divided, nations are angry.

Mama Earth is waking up; as she moves more into the photon band she will activate more of her light. This is causing disruptions to anything other that the highest truth. The darkness is leaving, but on the way out, it will become clear and obvious to many people. This hurts to witness.

Do yourself a favour and don’t let the world break your heart.

Don’t let your community, friends, country, the sick, other countries, situations you read on the news, break your precious, perfect heart.

You are at your most powerful, capable, healthy and helpful when your heart is whole and radiant. Put aside time each day to pray and send love and light to whoever you believe needs it. Help them in any other way that you can that doesn’t deplete your energy.

Spend the rest of your day taking care of yourself with a whole heart.

Your most important relationship is between you and your Spirit. Focus on healing rituals for yourself each day, send your gorgeous vibes out to the world, but don’t let the empath in you take on the pain and suffering of others. It doesn’t help. When you take on others’ pain, you bruise your energy and light, you essentially give away your power.

Let go of everyone else’s filaments, send them back with love, feel them floating away from you. Call back your power each day, imagine all your light flowing to you and filling you up. Consider what effect social media is having on you, and let go of these if you need to… temporarily or permanently. Be strong when it comes to making, taming or avoiding conversations that impact your health. Avoid the news as much as possible and find a good news source when you’re curious to know about the world for a moment.

Make your healing rituals an important priority every single day.

Everyone is on their own journey. Focus on yours and keep sowing seeds of peace and magnificence on your path.

Much love ❤️

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