Awakening to a New Age of Light

We are living through a period of change. Incredible, undeniable, mystical, transformational change. Anything based on fear and control is being dissolved in the light of love as we step through a portal into the blessed Age of Aquarius. We are dancing out of a long period of war into a time of bliss and joy.

This new age is all about love and compassion. Set your compass here and let each step follow your heart in grace. This new age is also about community and collaboration, no more competition or judgment. We are here to bond together and forge a future where everyone is taken care of and no one misses out on what they need to thrive.

This new age is calling us into the wilderness, to spend more time with Mother Earth, to plant our own herbs, fruit and vegetables, to let go of our screens (whenever possible) and other draining obsessions and come back home to the green grass and wildflowers of our luscious planet. To deeply connect to our local land, the guardians, elements, directions, nature spirits, animals, birds, waterways, mountains and all that is coming to life is such a vibrant way.

We have incarnated at this time to expand fully into our light and share this with others. This is all done according to each person’s inner purpose and spiritual path, yet it is done together, a harmony of rainbow light awakening the planet. Take time each day to meditate on your precious light and expand it as fully as your imagination possibly can. Call on your Guides, Masters, Angels and Ancestors to fully hold and guide you each day.

The entire cosmos is here to support you. Anytime you feel lost, look to the sun, the moon or the stars and ask for loving guidance and support.

As you awaken to the harsh truth of the world, don’t be angry or frustrated. Simply witness it as though it is vanishing in the power of Divine Love. Let it fall and crumble, cling to nothing, and keep honouring yourself and your loved ones. Focus on the highest thought and feeling in the moment, like a north star guiding you home.

Open your heart to its eternal power and wisdom, open your mind to gentle telepathy and oneness, and open your wild roots to sinking into all of Earth. You are here for a beautiful reason, and I’m so glad to connect with you in this moment.

Much love,

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