Connecting With Goddess Venus

The wildly loving and sensual energy of the planet/Goddess Venus has been immersing into my meditations lately. She is so powerful and soft at the same time, reminding me of the strength and sweetness of my Soul.

Recently, when in the middle of a guided meditation for the sisters in the Temple of Light community, Venus came through and asked to connect them while they were healing. As they sat in their own temple, a window opened in the roof and Venus shone through. It was such a potent moment. All the women had their own experience of Venus’ loving energy and they all looked so radiant when it was complete.

I look forward to seeing Venus in meditation, where I can ask questions, feel her luscious, lavish love, and invite her into my daily life for inspiration. Sometimes I visualise her as the night star, a planet of divine love and feminine healing; other times I see her as a luminous Goddess, sensual and powerful all over.

Planet Venus is a sister to our precious Gaia. Venus is the brightest ‘star’ in the sky, hotter than all the other planets, and spins the opposite way to earth. She is the epitome of individual expression and light! Each rotation or ‘day’ on Venus is about a year on Gaia. She’s curvier than earth, too, with mountains taller than Everest, wild valleys and craters all over the place. All the features of Venus are named after notable women – women who were well known globally, but not military, political or religious figures.

Goddess Venus is the archetype for and embodiment of pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, femininity, creativity and intuition. She reminds us to seek pleasure as our highest good, rather than leaning on logic or reason. Venus is unafraid of her raw and naked form, encouraging women to surrender the cultural shaming of our natural forms with all their glorious curves and embrace our bodies whole.

To connect to Venus is to feel the immeasurably fiery side of the wild feminine. It is also to witness the soft and supple, pleasurable and peaceful, sexual and sensual, beautiful and bountiful Mother.

Meditate with Venus each morning as she fades into the day and pray to her as she comes into view at night. Tell her everything. Open to receiving her love. Ask her to dance with you and sing into your precious heart. Invite her into your life as a vibrant energy that will open you to love and be loved.

Much love,

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