Transmuting Fear Into Love

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed or transferred from one form to another. This is the process of transmutation. When matter is transmuted, we call this alchemy.

Imagine each of your emotions as potent pockets of energy. They arise in the physical form in reaction to your environment that may trigger a memory in your subconscious or unconscious mind, and you feel this in your body.

We are taught as young children to label these emotions and to put them into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ baskets. The ‘good’ emotions are celebrated, the ‘bad’ emotions are ignored, unwanted and repressed.

Repressing or suppressing unwanted emotions is a long-term problem because they get stuck in the body. They don’t just disappear if we don’t think about them – feelings are fleeting thoughts, but emotions go much deeper into our physical form.

There is a powerful way that I transmute my low vibrational emotions – such as guilt, apathy, despair, shame, fear, and anger – into higher ones – like courage, willingness, acceptance, love and peace.

First, I call on Saint Germain and the Violet Flame. I ask to be surrounded by the cool flame and I sit with it until my energy field is love.

Next, I tune into the lower emotion and where it sits in my body. I give it centre stage, I feel it FULLY. I do not judge or resist it, I do not think about it at all, I just let it be until it is fully experienced.

Then I let it go with the flame. I’ve witnessed old anxiety transmuted into intelligence, felt fear turn into courage, and apathy turn into acceptance. The emotions will show you a higher way of experiencing them.

Finally, I give thanks to Saint Germain and ask that he hold the Violet Flame around me for as long as it is needed.

Look at your fears, your despair, your uncomfortable sensations with pure acceptance, compassion and wisdom, then let them go. Keep breathing into the area of your body and let the violet flame transmute the emotion in its own way and own time.

Soon you’ll come back to love, your natural and divine state. Stay awhile.

Wild blessings,

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