The Fluid Qualities of Your Intuition

To understand intuition more clearly and how it works within us, I like to compare it to water. The ocean is the perfect symbol for intuition.

Intuition is fluid, it’s constantly adapting and flowing according to your needs and what is around you. Intuition is centered in your heart’s energy, and energy is completely fluid. As you think, breathe, eat, move, connect, sleep, your energy flows within and around you, reading the energies around you and guiding you towards the best next step for you.

Intuition is clear, it tells you the whole truth without hiding anything or deceiving you. Your ego is completely deceptive; astoundingly so! When your intuitive voice calls from your heart, you’ll know because it’s the truth. Sometimes the truth is a cosmic relief, other times it’s challenging or uncomfortable. Journal with the wisdom that shines through and get to know the inner voice well enough to distinguish it from ego.

Intuition is strong, it wears down the walls you’ve put up to your own truth, even if it hurts. If you’re unwell or in pain, it could be because you’ve been ignoring the call of your intuition. If you’re stuck in a job, relationship, home, city or other situation, and not allowing your heart to move you onwards to where a more aligned life awaits you, then your body may be showing you all sorts of discomfort. The strength of your intuition will never soften, no matter how long you ignore it for. Tune in daily and honour what you hear.

Intuition is always seeking alignment, it wants to pull you into the slipstream of life where you’ll find ease, abundance and bliss. In the middle of a river is the slipstream where the current runs fastest. We’ve been taught that life is like climbing a mountain, when in fact, it can be as sweet as floating down a gentle river if we listen to our intuition. Letting go of the need for it to be hard, the old beliefs/ideas/people/situations that don’t serve your highest purpose, and the distractions that take you away from your purpose will allow for alignment in all areas of life.

Intuition is a force that comes in waves, and although it’s consistent and available, some days it feels stronger than others. There will be days when meditation, inner connection, journalling and ways of listening to your heart will feel easy and the messages strong. There will also be days when you feel cut off, confused, isolated and in the dark. Welcome each day without resisting or labelling the gifts that they bring. Rest when you need to; when the way is clear again, your heart will tell you.

Intuition is deep, perhaps bottomless, there is no end to what you can know. Your heart’s intuition is deeply connected to your mind’s insight. And your mind, no matter what you’ve been told, is wildly psychic. Spirit may come to you as a whisper, a knowing, a sign or symbol, an animal, a vision or dream, or from any other source. You can know anything you need to know with enough clarity, confidence and trust in your channel.

Intuition is healing, forever guiding you back onto your purpose and path, leading you towards friends, community, healers, guides and mentors who have your highest interests at heart. Whenever you feel out of balance, ask your heart where you can find the best healing for you. Sit in nature and let the healing energy flow through your body.

Keep listening and honouring what you know.

Much love,

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