A Call to the Divine Feminine

Rise now, oh soft and fierce feminine heart of mine.

Come to me. Sit with me in the stillness and busyness of my life. Show me how to embrace it all with grace.

Breathe your luscious lifeforce through my being. Show me what a full breath of the Goddess feels like, all the way into each cell of my body.

Move my bones to your ancient rhythm. Remind me of my past lives where I danced by the fire with eyes closed and heart open.

Soften my thoughts. May they be drenched in love and absent of fear. May they be uplifting and gently sovereign.

Expand my infinite heart. In times of trouble, conflict, hurt, confrontation, and confusion, expand it ever more.

Show me wild love. Show me how to live from the depths of the wildest love imaginable.

Connect me to your cosmic healing. Bring me the healers who are of the highest vibration to tend to my bruises and traumas.

Gather me with my sisters. Open our expression. Weave our hands together. teach us through each other. Hear our song.

Ripen my inner wisdom. May my curiosity for truth never run dry.

Set fire to my joy, that I may be a living manifestation of your bliss.

Show me how to bring heaven, your essence, to earth.

I welcome you with all of me.

And so it is 🌸♥️🌸

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