How to Write Life-Changing Affirmations

I’ve been using affirmations in my life since before I knew what they were. I’ve always been strangely optimistic about good things happening. My friends would ask me why I always found a great car space where I wanted to park and I would reply “Because I say in my head that I will and I know I will.”

That, I know now, is the essence of a powerful affirmation. Whether you’re bringing something small like a car spot or life-changing like a new career into your life, repeatedly affirming that it is already yours and believing that the Universe will absolutely provide you with it is the process of living aligned with abundance.

The word affirm comes from the Old French affirmare meaning to make strong or firm. It’s important to recognize this strength as being within you, not necessarily in the words or in what is to come, but in the firm faith that you have in your own sense of self and worthiness. When you believe in yourself, you believe that you deserve all the is meant for you. That’s why when I pray, I finish with ‘and so it is‘, because this affirms that it has already been answered and created for my highest benefit.

When it comes to writing affirmations there are three ideas to consider when making them as powerful and personal as possible.

1. Write in the first person. Use ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’ instead of ‘you’, ‘yours’, or ‘theirs’. By using first-person pronouns you are owning the affirmation for yourself rather than giving it away to someone else.

2. Be positive. The Universe listens carefully to every word because each word has its own unique vibration. Choose boldly optimistic words that bring to life the feeling and intention you desire.

3. Get creative. Play with the affirmation until it sits perfectly in your heart. Until the words swirl on your tongue like honey. Be poetic, look up synonyms (similar or related words) in your thesaurus, try coming at it from a personal angle that makes it feel relevant and inspiring.

A few examples:

I am worthy of success, wealth, and abundance in all forms. I call in what is rightfully mine and aligned with my being. I serve the world from my heart.

The light of my Soul is wild and strong; its fire lives forever. I draw on this neverending strength whenever I need to tune in to true strength, power, and guidance.

My inner compass shows me the way towards all that is perfect and good. I trust and honour my intuitive knowing and delight in the magic and mystery of my path.

You can be wild or practical, strong or soft, fierce or flowery, as long as it aligns deeply within your being, then you know it’s right.

Once you’re happy with your affirmation, write it down somewhere prominent in your home. Create a poster for your fridge, a love note for your bedside table, a ribbon to stick along your computer, or use lipstick on your mirror.

When you say the affirmation, say it out loud so your voice resonates within and around your being. Say it three times (or more if you desire) with your hand on your heart or belly. You can also do a short grounding exercise before – place feet on the earth and visualize Mother Earth’s energy filling you completely – so you feel safe and connected. The affirmation will grow roots as you do this.

Feel free to smile, or sing the affirmation, to imagine that it already exists in your life, and to give thanks when you’ve said it. Gratitude is the key to using affirmations to change your life.

Live your blessed life as though you are filled to the brim and overflowing with all the abundance, bliss, fulfillment, and love you could ever desire. Feel the feeling of the affirmation as though it’s already yours. Then watch as miracles happen.

Wild love,

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