The Sun is to Our Soul as the Earth is to Our Body

Every morning I sit in the sunshine as it first peers into the back of our house, or if I’m early and motivated enough, over the horizon at the beach. Each time I sit in her warmth and wisdom, I receive a beautiful message to guide me along my path. I often share these on social media (and usually pass them off as my own; she doesn’t mind) as they feel so relevant and poetically practical. This morning’s message was so profound that I felt the deepest urge to write this article about it.

The Sun showed me that our true essence, the real us, is just like her. Our Soul is a bright, warm and wise light; eternally giving life to all that her rays fall upon. Our body is like the earth, wild and needy, stormy and vivacious, seasonal and unbelievably beautiful. The Sun brings life to the earth as our Soul gives life to and animates our body. The Sun illuminates all the corners of the earth, just as the Soul shines a Divine Light on all the expressions of our humanness.

But we are not our bodies, just as the wise ancient Sun is not the earth. We are here in our human suits to take care of this luscious landscape, but not to identify with it. The earth is a playground, a place of learning, growth, healing, connection, sensuality and embodiment. But this is not our home, it’s our planetary b’n’b.

The Sun is the witness, the sparkling, unattached, constant Source of light (wisdom) and love. Our Soul is also the witness of our earthy being; continuously present, peaceful, and indestructible.

Like the earth, our bodies experience seasons, emotional weather patterns, light and darkness, unwanted excavation and much-needed healing. We have a heart like her core, veins like her rivers, a lifeforce like the wind, organs like her sacred places, eyes like her endless pools of water, a smile like her flowers, and tears like her beautiful rain.

We must remember that we are our luminous Soul; shining bright to give our body life, the most enriched and nourishing life possible. We are not our body, it’s a gift for us in which to experience this life for a moment.

Be the light.

Wild blessings,

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