It’s Time to Reclaim Your Expansive Light

When your human self was born, your brilliant spark of light glowed inside and around your newborn body. This light is the true you, your eternal self, the Soul’s full expression. It’s still there, but perhaps it’s fractured a little; its purity shattered by the demands and expectations of the outside world.

Somewhere along the way, most of us lose our spark. We forget how radiant we are, how worthy and divine, how intelligent and intuitive, how special and unique, how abundant and expansive we innately are.

We have been taught to fear; if we live in fear, others gain control. Whether this sense of control has come from parents, carers, teachers, peers, bosses or politicians, we’ve all felt it.

Our ego tells us that if we cower in fear, we’re safer than if we stand tall in our light. We need to reframe the goal; our goal is not to stay safe, it’s to awaken. Death is not the end; it’s the portal into a new beginning. In order to awaken, we must become conscious of ourselves and our world. We must be informed, but always as a loving witness, never as a fearful person. We cannot stand strong in an anchor of love if we fall for the fearful conversation.

You, sweet Soul, are far too smart for fear.

During this time of global awakening, I urge you to:

Meditate, dance, laugh and read for much longer than you consume any form of news.

Consciously choose your words – crisis and pandemic, or opportunity and awakening?

Let everyone else’s feelings and opinions wash over you – don’t take them personally.

Keep your boundaries clear and strong. Say no often.

Offer compassion relentlessly.

Focus on the light all around you – the sunshine, the stars, the light of Spirit in many forms surrounding you with love and protection. Whenever you tune in to anything fear-based, gently remove your focus from the darkness and find your light again.

Expand your light. Every day, visualize the light within you growing stronger and expanding to about a meter around your whole being. Feel its intelligence and warmth. Tune into the intuitive nature and knowings. Breath in and out the true power of your inimitable light being.

Take note every day of what your Soul’s light has to say.

I have never felt such wisdom and love seep into my skin from the glorious SUN as I have in the last month since the world began to awake. Every second morning I take my dog to the beach to lap up the healing, and on the days in between, after my yoga practice, I sit in the morning rays absorbing the deep healing and love.

Create your own rituals around light.

Stay well and positive. Keep grounded and informed.

Be gentle: you are awakening. The world is awakening.

Wild blessings,

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