Harness the Energy of Love to Heal + Protect

The more conscious you become, the more you’ll notice the energy within and around you. Energy that can change with one thought, one breath, one wish, or one fear. This is the power our minds have over our bodies and our lives.

When our minds are focused on LOVE, our energy fields are expansive, bright, strong and clear. We begin to notice and attract conscious, positive people and abundance in our lives. We lean into joy and peace naturally, and we let love lead the way. We don’t need to avoid negative people or situations, we come at them with compassion and grace and allow ourselves to grow and heal.

When our minds are centred on FEAR, our field is limited, uneasy and contracted. We are never far from anger and judgment, with the ego in control. We draw in people, experiences and things that aren’t what our hearts truly desire. Surrounded by all these misaligned people and things, we lose sight of our truth, our path and the way home.

In fear, we forget that we are love.

What moves us towards one or the other is our inner belief system.

This system can be healed in three simple ways:

Allow your emotions

Simply notice the emotions that your body is feeling at any given moment. If they feel good, relish the moment without the ego trying to make you feel guilty or attempting to hold onto it indefinitely. If these emotions feel uncomfortable, let them move through you completely without the ego making up a story about them or distracting you from what you’re feeling. Just feel it. Let it flow. It won’t take long, and it will be gone. You’ll be freer than you were five minutes before. If emotions stay repressed, they hold so much unconscious power over our lives and tend to lower our emotional vibration. Surrender them.

Plug into Source

Your Spirit is the energetic expression of your Soul; a precious energy that is enormously powerful when you love, cherish and honour its needs and cycles. Create a space in your home where you can meditate and read, even if it’s just one side of your favourite couch. Keep a little table close with all the tools you need for sustaining your Spirit, such as a journal, affirmation cards, space for tea, crystals, singing bowls or a little speaker for playing music. Sit here once a day, meditating for as long as you need to fill up your inner chalice. Use this time and space to consciously connect to Source and open yourself up to fresh light pouring through you.

Let love in

Love is one of the highest forms of energy. Love in its purest form is the most healing, regenerative, compassionate, replenishing, protective and blissful energy available. Open your heart to love all the time. Just keep it open. Believe that love has the power to take care of you and it will. When you work with the energy of love and allow it to embrace you, you’ll no longer need to use other methods of energetic protection, because love is the ultimate protector. You won’t need to fear anything, because love will hold you every day.

As you welcome your emotions, nourish your energy and let love be your sovereign guide, you will find yourself feeling lighter, life will become less of a struggle, and you will be able to more readily tune into the truth of who you really are.

Love & light,

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