Aha! Where Exactly Does Insight Come From?

Insights are a part of your expansive intuitive guidance system, but they’re not the same as intuition. They’re when new information comes to you – or old information lands in a new way – through your brain (intuition comes through the heart and instinct through the gut) and creates a noticeable AHA moment. Insights generally merge with already known information, creating an exciting and fresh awareness.

Intuition is when energetic (subconscious) information comes through your heart’s energy field or outer senses and gives you a knowing that resonates with your inner wisdom and past experience. Unlike insight, there are no words for intuitive guidance, only feelings, sensations and images.

You can receive insights from the earth plane – through conversations, videos, movies, books – or the spiritual one – through connections to Spirit (known or unknown), such as loved ones, spirit guides, archangels and nature.

Psychic information that comes through the inner senses (inner sight/clairvoyance, inner hearing/clairaudience, etc) is direct insight from Spirit. Spirit wants to reach us in many ways, and with the powerful energy of the earth as it is these days, we’re all psychic in our own sweet way. An insight could be a flower from your grandma, a message from an animal, a hint from your main spirit guide, or direction from your highest self. It’s all new information from the higher realms to guide you on your path.

When you receive this information with thanks and trust, you are able to intuitively know what to do with it. First, it comes through the brain, then it moves through the heart, which is where we make intuitive sense of it.

Insights are connected to our neocortex brain, which is activated while we’re standing up. That’s why you’ll often discover a solution to a problem, a new idea, or a feeling of open, mindful vibrancy when you’re in the shower, walking in nature, or otherwise standing up.

Research has shown that being happy, relaxed and distracted is the perfect state for insights to land. If you’re trying to grasp at a resolution or an original thought while sitting down and staring at a screen, you’re not likely to find it. Aha moments come to us out of the blue, and often the source is unknown.

Cultivating connections with nature, friends, family, movies, documentaries, animals, and Spirit around you will ensure you have plenty of ideas flowing into your life. Honouring these ideas is how you keep them flowing.

Insights can be helpful in your career, with your loved ones, for your health, and in many unexpected ways, big and small. Give thanks for all of them.


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