Surrender & Align With Divine Timing

Divine timing is the great mystery in motion. It’s timing that goes beyond and above earthly time, a plan that we cannot see with our human eyes, a purpose that is so deep in our Soul our mind can hardly fathom it. Divine timing is the Universe orchestrating our lives for our highest good in such a way as to go beyond perfect, beyond our expectations, into a realm that we can only access if we surrender our logic, our linear timelines, and our demands of what should happen and when.

Surrendering to a force much more expansive than us isn’t easy if we’re attached to control.

It takes courage to ask for what you want and then release all projections around it; because although knowing what you want is important, letting go of how the result is supposed to look like and what the journey should be like is incredibly important.

This handing over of our stubborn but completely natural human need to control life to the Universe allows the Divinity within and around us to get to work in the most magical, creative, unexpected and miraculous ways.

The Universe has a blueprint for our lives, something that we can only access when we cease attempting to write it ourselves to a set timer and earthly plan.

But this isn’t about doing nothing, nor is it about not wanting, craving, desiring, or wholehearted hustling. This is about putting our hearts on the table, stating clearly what we need from the cosmos in full, and then letting the mysterious plan come together in ways that we couldn’t possibly design ourselves.

The Universe loves you, wants to bless you with everything you desire, wants to co-create an incredible, satisfying, abundant, joyful life with you in every way. Trust in it. Trust that you are taken care of. And stay open to things happening a little (or a lot) differently than how you anticipated. You’ll get there in the end. Trust the journey. Trust that you have it all encoded within you, and your intuitive heart knows the way.

Big love

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