Empower Yourself for Life

To be empowered is to own your infinite power. To honour your ancient wisdom. To draw on inner courage in difficult and confusing times. To trust in friends, experts and higher powers to support them but to know that inside of them is where all truth lives.

When I’m empowered, it’s because I’m conscious of what’s going on in my life and where I’m headed. I know my worth and I’m not looking for permission or verification from others. I’m not giving my power away through thoughts or actions. I’m grounded, anchored into my own truth, and led by the powerful Goddess of my heart.

It doesn’t mean I feel powerful and wildly capable every single day. Everyone has difficult days, but you can empower yourself through any kind of life experience by tuning inwards and giving yourself what you need and desire.

Spirited ways to empower yourself:

  1. Create solid boundaries

Solid, love-based boundaries start with learning to say ‘no’. They also come from knowing what your values are, what you will accept in your life, and what you like, desire and need. You don’t need to focus on the negative or what you don’t want in your life, you can simply focus on what you wish your life to look like and gracefully let the other stuff fall away. Boundaries aren’t a fear-based way of protecting yourself, they’re a healthy way to draw in to your energy field only what is for your highest good.

  1. Act on your intuition

Your intuition is always guiding you from your heartspace. Check in with yourself during quiet moments during the day. Tune inwards and lovingly ask how you’re feeling and what you need. Being overworked, stressed, unsure, exhausted, or unwell can cause your energy field to fluctuate which makes it hard to listen and find empowerment from an intuitive space. Take care of yourself and honour your intuitive heart and you will feel empowered every day.

  1. Call your power back

We’ve all given our power away in big and little situations. We’ve apologised for no good reason, promised our hearts and souls to others, made vows we didn’t understand the impact of, signed up for things we didn’t want to do, and didn’t stand up for ourselves. Whenever you feel drained of energy or simply unempowered (however that feels to you), say “I call my power back” three times and finish with “And so it is”.

  1. Take a moment

I used to be a chronically rushed decision maker. I would always jump in with a ‘YES!’ before I’d given myself a chance to consider whether I really desired what was on offer. These days, I take more pauses, more deep breaths, more time to think things through. I’m proud of myself whenever I smile and say ‘I’ll think about that’ in order to tune into my truth. Now everything I do feels empowered because I choose it consciously, gratefully and willingly.

  1. Find a pro

If you are struggling to feel empowered even though you’ve tried everything, I encourage you to find a professional to work with. A chiropractor who does NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), a shamanic healer, an acupuncturist, a great psychologist, a kinesiologist, whoever you feel drawn to. Go in with an open heart, be honest, and walk away if they don’t feel right for you.

As you heal, you will remember who you really are.

As you remember, you will naturally empower yourself to live in alignment with your truth.

Breathe in power. Breathe out uncertainty.

Much love

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