How to Intentionally & Energetically Charge Your Self-Care Practice

Over the years of dipping in and out of self-care practices, I’ve discovered two ways that really charge up each round of deeply nourishing rituals in my life.

It’s not flower petals or beautiful music, although I adore both in equal measure. It’s not herbal tea or chanting, although I can’t imagine living without them. It’s not crystals or journalling, although you bet they’re a part of my daily life.

It’s intentions.

You see, everything is energy, even our thoughts. The more we think a positive thought about our body, the more our body will respond by acting accordingly. The more we focus on good, healthy food, the more our mind will crave a rainbow of fruit and vegetables. The more we focus on gratitude, the more the Universe will deliver things for us to be all the more grateful for.

Our thoughts are charging each moment with a positive, negative or neutral energy. It’s pure quantum science that we can so clearly create the life we do (or don’t!) want with our thoughts. And when it comes to self-care, we have the power to bring a super-charged energy into each ritual, all with our intentions.

The first way you can do this is by simply SETTING AN INTENTION to start. You decide what you’re going to let go of and what you’re calling more of into your world. You decide if your bath is healing your body or washing away negative energy from your day. You decide if your dance-off with the kids is a sacred connection or to strengthen your body. You decide if your meditation is a chance to clear your mind or connect to your Grandma.

It doesn’t have to be so clearly related. Running can be about rediscovering softness. Painting can be about feeling brave and confident. Having a massage can be about spaciousness and contentment. This is so powerful. When you get into a regular habit of deciding how you want to feel with each round of self-care, you see how easy it is to put a positive spell on your life.

The other way of charging rituals is to use POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS during your self-care. This is how you embody thoughts that you wish to make your reality.

If you want to feel inner strength, go for a jog with a mantra of strength replaying in your mind: My body is strong, my mind is resolute, my Soul is fierce. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed and you’re craving deep calm, have a bath with a mantra of peace: I am held, nurtured and completely serene no matter what is happening in my life. If you want to go out with friends and avoid alcohol and unhealthy food, try out an inspired, healthy mantra: I am happy, satisfied, free and connected with deliciously nutritious, high-vibing food and drinks.

Keep these mantras going in between your rituals by writing them down and sticking them on your computer, mirror or fridge. The more you say them, the deeper they will go into your unconscious mind. This is how they shape your life in the long-term.

Affirmations, mantras and intentions work when you dedicate time and courage to them every day. It may feel uncomfortable because it’s new or a stretch for you to take on, but I want to encourage you to keep believing, keep trying, keep transforming yourself through love and care.

Your self-care can be whatever you want it to be. A cup of tea in the sun, a week in Bali, guitar lessons, reflexology, reading a new book, baking bread, or collecting shells. Charge up any of these rituals with a powerful intention or mantra and watch their potency deepen in your life.

Big love

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