Rewild Your Spiritual Path

Soulful rituals and habits are the undercurrents that drive your spiritual life. But they lose their potency when they become too perfect and neat, predictable and clean, sanitised beyond their original potency.

There’s nothing wrong with meditating at the same time each day or going to yoga on the same morning each week, but if your rituals are losing their meaning or becoming a chore, it’s time to rewild your spiritual life.

Rewilding simply means loosening your grip on how you think your spiritual life should look to allow space for your heart to guide you by how it wants it to feel. Focus on the feeling. Unravel what you’ve been told a spiritual life is meant to be all about, and let your Soul guide you untethered from within.

Make a mess of it. Try new things. Have so much fun bringing new, spontaneous, joyful rituals and delicious, soulful ideas into your life that they take over with their wild, lush, overgrowth as you sink into this new way of being completely.

Let the light in

Lean in towards your light, your essence, and the light of Source. Meditate on the light, dance in the sunlight, work with the moon, follow the ancient guidance of the stars, and create rituals around these sources of light. Most importantly, tune into your inner light and consciously create space for it to expand.

Fluid rituals

If you’re struggling to meditate in the morning, then move your practice to the evening, or at lunchtime in the park. If you keep forgetting to journal at night, put your journal next to your bed and jot down your thoughts in the morning, or take it with you so you have the opportunity to write your heart out during unexpected delays. There are no rules that say when you have to try your rituals. You don’t need to put your crystals out on every full moon. You don’t need to sage your house on every new moon. You don’t have to love yoga… ever! Do what feels right, when it feels right for you.

Intuitive direction

Your heart is guiding you every moment of the day. Move with this feeling. Your Soul loves to live wild in the world, not constricted inside a box. It wants to feel free to follow guidance straight from Source without your old beliefs or fears restricting it. Maybe that means sleeping naked or eating outside more, making your own drum or learning from a shamanic healer, chanting with sisters or adventuring in Mother Earth’s raw wilderness. Start small if you need to, but learn to live wild.

Beauty everywhere

Whatever you focus on will make an impression on your mind, your body, your life. Focus on gratitude for long enough and you will subconsciously begin to search for new things to be grateful for. Focus on how much the universe / your health / other people are making life difficult and you will subconsciously look for ways that life is difficult / annoying / stressful. Look for the beauty in all things, all people and each moment, and you life will open up to you with so much more beauty.


Create something magnificent

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you have the magic within you to create whatever it is you need. Start your own women’s circle, online support group, soulful mastermind, healing collective, spiritual business, coaching service, or whatever is missing in your life that you cannot find elsewhere. Set a strong intention for how you want to feel, who you wish to work with and those you desire to serve. Then make it happen, sweet Soul.

Much love

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