The Power of Devoted Curiosity

Oh, sweet curiosity. It sounds diluted and dreamy, but when you take a good look into it; it’s so much more.

Curiosity has depth to it… Substance. Meaning. Direction. Insight. Clarity.

Being curious takes courage, to be a rainbow in a monotone world requires a brave heart and a fierce mind. It also takes a whole lot of understanding, empathy, verve, consideration, wonder, and love. And that’s no easy feat given how society is trying to numb us into banal delusion at every turn.

Curiosity is intelligence in motion. It defies the norm and asks:

Why is it this way?

What other possibilities exist?

How else can I do this?

How can I use my unique gifts in a new way?


Curiosity will take you around the world. Curious people don’t settle, and they don’t stop searching or creating. They don’t need the approval of others, either. They just need an expansive life with plenty of play.


A spark of curiosity is enough to ignite a fire in your heart.

This fire is the alchemy that will change you, irrevocably.

When you notice the unmistakable call of curiosity, heed it. Embody it. Follow it all the way until you’ve given all you’ve got.

Partner your curiosity with determination, confidence and a big heart, and you have a uniquely unstoppable purpose in life. This is how you live long and happy. You find your inner sparkle and you run wild with it.

The curious, creative life will never end, to be honest. Understand when it is time for rest, stillness, healing and other forms of self-care, and you give a powerful groundedness to your curious and devoted life.


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