A Lightworker’s Prayer for Renewal

Great Spirit,

I honour your presence in my life as the Divinity of my Soul. I am grateful for your guidance through the portal of my heartspace, for the love that fills me daily and the many blessings I receive in alignment with all I believe to be true.

Today I pray for the release of all negative energies within and around me. I pray for the cleansing of my home and my body. I pray and give thanks for the release of all that is not in accordance with my Highest Good. I ask through the power of Archangel Michael that all energetic cords, ropes and other entities that are not mine be removed from my being. For this deep cleansing, I give thanks.

I ask now for the renewal of my Spirit. I ask that golden light and pink divine love be poured into my being; may it fill me up and overflow into my aura and the space around me. May it renew every cell, bone, and breath in my body. May it recalibrate every thought and belief in my mind. May it lift my Soul closer to the light. May it heal others by being in my presence. May it pour forth into all the corners of the world that need your harmony and love.

Show me, through the knowing and direction of my heart, what is nourishing and true for me in every moment. Guide me towards the next step in my awakening, hold my hand as I reach out to gratefully accept what is mine, and steady my path so that I may bravely take my place in this world.

Thank you for this abundant life rich with joy, bliss, love, wealth and the light of truth and wisdom.

I am humbled to be a lightworker in the great cosmos you have created, to be a courageous warrior of light here on Earth. For this, and all things, I give thanks.

And so it is.


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