Nourish Your Intuitive Connection to Your Soul’s Voice


Here you are… a brilliant Soul having a very human experience.

Some days we forget our brilliance, our radiance and eternal awareness. Some days we get stuck in time and space and all the earthly things that are not beneficial to us.

It’s good to be in your body. To get grounded in nature and eat delicious food and create an amazing experience here in this lifetime, but it’s also incredibly good to remember who we are and where we came from.


Here are some ways to get back in touch with your true self:



Breathe deeply. Surrender to the present moment. Let go of your fears. Turn down the noise. Calm your mind, embrace stillness, pause often.

Meditate to remind yourself that you are the watcher… the being. You are not the doer, the hustler, the body, the mind or anything else particularly human. The true you is watching the show and gently guiding from inside your heart space.

Regular meditation takes you into alpha state – relaxed awareness – which is where you strengthen your ability to interact with and understand the energy in yourself and others. Learn to be mindful of the world without using words… just noticing energy without judgment.



Feed your gut – eat well! Open your mind – spend time in nature. Cherish your Soul – laugh often and loudly, set boundaries, be with people who feel good, do work that fills you up, love yourself. Try new soul-quenching rituals. Seek pleasure without guilt. Know your power. Own your power. Protect yourself. Your intuitive development is helping the world around you even if you don’t share it as such. Exercise is nourishment too.



Grateful, positive thoughts have a massive impact. Try this every day: “I love myself. I trust myself. I listen to myself. I am worthy of receiving guidance.”

Whatever you’re grateful for will bloom so much bigger. Shower yourself with gratitude every single day, and thank your Higher Self for guiding you.



Sit down in a quiet space with a pen and paper and ask your Soul to come through and lead the way in a journal session. Let it share what’s really going on inside. Journal your questions and let the answers flow from your heart and Soul.

You can also journal your intuitive thoughts on an idea, project, person, or decision. Journal every time you notice an intuitive hit. Journals are a safe space for fears to be heard… write letters to people you want to cut out of your life, to the kind of friends you wish to call into your life, to your future lover, to your ideal boss, to your children, to the Universe.. then burn them. Write love letters to yourself! Let the love flow!


Remember who you really are, bright and shiny one. And the wisdom within you is pure gold!

All love

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