What Does Intuition Feel Like?

You are intuitive. Always have been, always will be.

You can’t improve your intuition, you can’t make it any better. But you can learn to surrender to it, to take the time to listen, to trust the information you receive, to nourish yourself and to honour the connection to your wisdom. In doing so you strengthen your connection to it.

That’s all you have to focus on: strengthening your connection. Which ironically comes down to a whole lot of surrender!

What is intuition anyway?

It’s a knowing without reasoning. It’s a nudge, a whisper, a wink.
Sometimes it’s spontaneous and instant, other times it’s thoughtful and considered.

It comes from your unlimited heart, the incredible realm of your sub-conscious (the memories and experiences within), from your body’s five senses, from the energy all around you, and the Spirit world.

It is different from your instinct and insight. Your instinct comes from your ancestors, your gut, your unconscious, and different parts of your body and energy. Your insight comes through your crown into your brain, into your conscious mind and the higher energy around there.

When you receive guidance… you can tell it’s your intuition in three ways:

1. It’s the calm and sure sound of love, never fear. The ego’s voice is always fearful “but what if… you can’t do that… you’re not good enough to…” the intuition’s voice is loving. Always loving. The words might be soothing, or they might be challenging to hear (it’s only ever a challenge to your ego), but always kind and compassionate and loving.

Journal prompt: Has this guidance come from love?

2. Your intuition is you. It’s familiar and safe and feels like home. It knows your deepest needs and has your best interests at heart. It’s your truth coursing through your veins, weaving through your energy field. Your Highest Self is the real you, it’s your whole self, it’s your Soul’s complete consciousness.

Journal prompt: Is this truth aligned with my Highest Self?

3. It makes you feel expansive. I know I’m on the right track when my body feels light, my shoulders relax, I smile and feel expansive. I know when something isn’t right for me because I feel constrictive, awkward, fidgety, tense, edgy. I might feel queasy or like I’ve been punched in the gut. There are many physical sensations when you’re out of alignment, I encourage you to explore what might feel true to you and what might feel untrue.

Journal prompt: Do I feel lit up and light right now, or stuck and heavy?

Take your time today to tune in. The more time and space you create to listen within, the easier this wild wisdom will come to you.

Big love

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