The Spiritual Big Bang – The Birth of Souls

In the beginning there was only God. Only pure love, light and intelligence. Nothing else. No Universe. No galaxies. No stars. No entities. No unicorns. Just. Love.


This Intelligence knew all things. And by all I mean all things.

God knew that being Love was super cool, but God could not experience Love if God was only Love. In order to experience Love, God needed to separate itself so that it could see, know, and experience what Love was like from the darkness all around.

Cue: the Big Bang.

If all there is is light, then you need to break that light apart, separate it into bits and pieces, to create space for darkness. And so the Big Bang veritably blew God into billions and billions of love chunks… and that was the day you and I were born.

Our Souls came to be on that day.

We are the fabric of God. We are all one. All the same essence. Isn’t that a profoundly humbling and deeply unifying thought?

Now that there was space between us, we could feel the otherness around us, and experience the Light of our own being. Darkness illuminating light. God could now experience what it was like to be Light in a world of darkness, rather than just know it. Through us.

Eventually, Goddess began creating. Universes. Galaxies. Stars. Planets. Entities. Beings. Animals. Humans. Unicorns. All sorts of magical things.

And so began the eternal process of incarnation: Souls entering an animal or human (or beings on other planets in other galaxies) to experience life for a while, then coming back home, then choosing another being to grow through again, and so on.

(Just a quick note about incarnation: Some people believe our Soul began incarnating in animals and progressed to the level of humans; others believe that if you’re in a human form now, you’ve always incarnated in human – or human-like – forms, and that animal Souls are a different type of Soul. I lean towards the latter. What everyone seems to agree on is that to come to Earth as a human is a very difficult experience in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s a tough gig we’ve chosen. High fives all ‘round.)

As a Soul we have our own personality but we are perfect Love and Light. Back home, in Spirit World, we get to experience a lot of stuff, growth, learning, and so on, but it’s when we incarnate that we really and deeply learn and grow. And most importantly, it’s here that we get to create ourselves.

As a human, we are given the chance to remember who we are as a Soul and create new thoughts and inspired action based on love. We’re not here to learn lessons per se, we’re here to make powerful choices. This is enlightenment. This is the whole point of it all.

We are God. You and me and the breeze between.

So, here we are, living and learning, trying and failing, loving and growing, feeling and thinking, awkward and graceful, divine and so densely human all at once.

This is – and always was – the plan. That’s why pleasure is so important to us as humans – because when Souls get to experience a whole new level of pleasure in these human bodies, God gets to experience it too. A ripe peach. Hugging a loved one. Laughter. Dancing to beautiful music. Swimming in the ocean. Sex. Making art with your hands. Breathing in a flower. Massage. Planting a garden. Playing with animals. Connecting with our people. Cartwheels. It’s all sacred.

Think of it all as divinity in motion. You are God. You are pure Light, Love and Intelligence, wrapped up in this human body, living life so that God can experience God.

I mean… WOW.

Love really gets to know Love when it comes face to face with fear, anger, and hatred. We all appreciate connection so deeply after a long stint of loneliness. We love a good homemade meal when we come home from travelling. We can’t help but fall under spring’s sweet spell after a bitingly cold winter. We are humbled by kindness after experiencing rudeness. We are grateful for our own health after feeling sick.

Essentially, we know who we are and how we want to feel because we’ve experienced the opposite of those ideals.

In the beginning, there was pure Love. After so many years of hatred, war, and fear in many guises, it’s time to return to Love. It’s time to remember who we are on a Soul level – while in our earth suits – so that we may enlighten ourselves and each other.

It’s time to bring harmony to our humanity and Mama Earth.

Let’s help each other along. Let’s walk each other home.

All love,

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