Create Your Own Intuitive Oracle Reading


I used to be super cautious about reading my own tarot and oracle cards. I thought they were only for “deeply spiritual” people who knew “stuff” that I wouldn’t probably know until I was 50 or so. Even then… maybe.


So I didn’t buy them, even though I craved them for years. Finally, about ten years ago, I discovered a friend who knew the same kinda “stuff” that I knew and still had a whole lot of oracle cards she played with all the time.

I wanted in.

So I bought my first decks, Healing with the Angels and Goddess Guidance, both by Doreen Virtue. I used them every week, always in the same formula.

As I shuffled them I would consider a problem I had that I wanted help with. The first card represented the past, the second card spoke to the present, and the third card was all about the future. (Not predicting the future, more like ideas for solving this particular problem in the future, or Goddesses/Angels who wanted to help me moving forward…)

This worked well for me and gave me plenty of love, wisdom, inspiration, guidance, insight and healing.

Then I bravely bought a tarot deck. Inside the guidebook there were so many different suggestions for how you could lay out the cards, my mind was completely blown wide open.

For years I would search online for new moon or full moon or life crisis or good vibes or whatever layout I was after. And then… things got intuitive. And fun.


Intuitive card reading is so exciting, really personal and specific. I adore it.


It began last year as I began to deeply explore my intuition. I remember the first time I consciously followed my intuition through every step of the reading.

I was shuffling my Connected and Free oracle cards and I couldn’t decide on just one pain point, I realised I just wanted to know what general guidance is currently meant for me.

As I was pulling out cards, I heard “five”. So I chose the five that gave me goosebumps.

I turned over the first one. As soon as I saw the image I knew it was all about my career. Before I looked up the card in the guidebook, I wrote down everything that came to me when I connected with the image. Then I looked it up and was wildly inspired by the words of advice around my career that were absolutely meant for me.

I flipped over the second card and knew it was about my kids. The third card was giving me insight into my marriage. The fourth card was all about my health and wellbeing. And the fifth was pointing me towards some clarity around friendships.

With each card, I followed the same steps as with my first card. I had a lot of information to write down, I was inundated. It was overwhelmingly good!


When you’re doing something intuitively, you’re completely aligned and deeply connected with the process.

I encourage you to instinctively choose a set of cards, find a quiet place, and let your Soul and your Divine Team guide you to create a richly informative and rewarding layout.


How to create your own intuitive card reading:

1. Choose the deck of cards that you’re most excited about playing with.

2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly, thinking about one or more subjects, questions, ideas, prospects, or just an open heart… then spread them flat all in a row.

3. Ask your inner guru how many cards you require… then slowly choose the cards that are energetically jumping out at you.

4. Keep them face down and turn over one at a time… soak up the guidance completely before you flip over the next card. Let the cards speak to your heart first before you look up the meaning.

5. Write it all down! Keep an oracle and tarot journal so you can look back on each reading to see how things have worked out.

6. Repeated cards over time mean you may not be paying as much attention to that particular guidance as you need to. Take full responsibility for your wellbeing.

7. When you’re finished, give thanks to your Guides and your Highest Self.



Trust yourself. And never put one back or start over again because you don’t think it was right. It’s right the first go. Always.

Also… there are so many layouts online, I definitely encourage you to look up various types and go with what speaks to you. You’ll learn so much about cards that will inform your ever reading.

Much love

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