All About the Archangels

The Archangels have carried me through dark times, brought light to my toughest days, raised my Spirit when I couldn’t, and shown me miracle after miracle. Even on the good days they’ve been close by my side.

Angels are sacred and supernatural beings. They’re our celestial companions. Messengers of light and peace. Angels bring feelings of lightness, hope and joy. They show themselves through signs, surprising circumstances, unexpected encounters and happy coincidences.*

I was introduced to the Angels about 15 years ago through a friend. My first Angel was Archangel Michael. He’s my protector, my brother, my right-hand Angel. I see his blue orbs almost every day, reminding me of his presence, protection and love. He reminds me of the power within me. I simply, humbly, and profoundly adore him.

Then about five years ago I had a dream. I was at the local markets and I saw Gabrielle, the singer from the 90s. She said if we all stayed and listened to her latest song we’d win a prize. So I stayed and listened and afterwards she handed me a pair of huge, feathery wings. I put them on and went shopping for fruit. When I woke up I was telling my husband about the dream – when I suddenly got it and exclaimed: “Archangel Gabriel just gave me wings!”

The next day I was in a bookstore when a book on Archangel Gabriel fell into my hands. That’s how quickly and easily the Angels work. I devoured the book in a few days… and couldn’t believe how perfect this beautiful Angel was for me. Gabriel works with mothers and writers most of all… that’s me! He’s been such a source of comfort and inspiration.

Some of the Angels I’m still getting to know, so don’t rush or think you have to connect to all of them.

Each of the 7 main Angels has their own colour and their own qualities and responsibilities.

Archangel Michael. Blue. Protection, guidance and strength. Helps with protection, direction, self-esteem, motivation, courage, commitment, faith, energy, vitality, life purpose and releasing fear.

Archangel Gabriel. White / Bright Gold. Parenting and communication. Helps those working as writers or anywhere in the media, assists with fertility, pregnancy, and parenting (especially mothers). Insight, awareness, truth and strength. Full expression.

Archangel Raphael. Emerald Green. Healer of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Complete health, wellbeing and wholeness. Helps reduce or eliminate addictions or cravings, supports and guides healers, and helps find lost pets.

Archangel Uriel. RubyRed – Purple / Gold. Insight, clarity, peace. Vision, problem-solving, writing, new ideas, studying, and tests. Soothes conflict and replaces it with peace, clarity and insight. Helps to release mental and emotional patterns that keep you stuck in fears. Encourages deeper trust.

Archangel Chamuel. Pink. Unconditional love and adoration. Helps with career, life purpose, finding lost items, building and strengthening relationships, and world peace. Helps to release resentment, fear and pain.

Archangel Zadkiel. Violet. Forgiveness, mercy and benevolence. Helps with emotional healing, compassion, freedom and memory. Releases pain, bitterness, and negativity.

Archangel Jophiel. Golden Yellow. Creativity, beauty and art. Helps to manifest more beauty into your life, supports artists, awakening, self-awareness, inspiration, hope and joy. Releases prejudice and ignorance.**


Sit somewhere comfortable with your feet flat on the floor and your palms turned upwards. Slow your breathing. Feel your connection to the core of the earth through your feet. Open the top of your energy field above your head to establish a divine connection. Keep breathing slowly.

Now ask for a particular Archangel to come close to you. Soon you’ll feel their unique and loving presence. Notice how you feel when they’re close. Ask them for a sign or a message if you wish. Trust what you feel, hear and/or see. The first words that come to you is your message. When you are ready, thank them. Feel back into your body and open your eyes.

Enjoy the connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious, spiritual or otherwise, Angels are not bound or restricted by beliefs, time or space.

You don’t need to meditate or pray perfectly, just speak to them however you wish with an open heart, a humble mind and good intentions.

I often chat away with them in the car or while I’m out on a walk. Sometimes that’s when the messages come in easily because I’m slightly distracted! Find a way that works for you.

Much love.

* Beautiful description from Angels – The Definitive Guide to Angels from Around the World, by Marie-Ange Faugerolas.

** Archangel info from Invoking the Archangels Oracle Cards by Sunny Dawn Johnston.

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