Awaken, Connect + Save Yourself

The Dalai Lama has predicted that the world will be saved by the Western Woman.

I wholeheartedly agree.

But how?

Fear not, I have a plan.


First, she will awaken.

Getting conscious is an organic process that involves shedding and dissolving layers of fear, doubt, mistrust towards herself, and anything that’s numbing her.

She will surrender it all to the Goddess, the one who has been orchestrating this feminine rising all over the world.

This will involve healing on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic), clearing out her house, prioritising her wellbeing, meditation, eating high-vibing foods, setting clear intentions, creating firm boundaries, finding satisfying ways to have fun (more dancing and soul circles, less alcohol and TV), and reading the books that call to her heart.

Awakening seems scary at first, because there is so much unknown on the path ahead. But soon she will realise, she’s just coming home.


Then, she will connect.

When she connects to the Universe within, she connects to the Universe all around. Our Souls are literally pieces of God. When we are still enough to hear the voice within us, our deep and eternal Soul, we hear God. When we honour our heart’s yearnings, we honour God. When we dance to our own unique and vibrant rhythm, we dance with the Goddess.

Knowing how powerful this connection feels, she may be too scared to go deep within. Remembering in her Soul and in her blood how many women have been persecuted for living aligned with their inner truth, she may be hesitant to risk it again. The ego thrives on fear, so as she steps into love, the ego will do whatever it can to stay ‘safe’, to keep things as they have been.

But she is safe now. We are all safe. It’s time to rise, time to connect to our Soul, our purpose, our soul sisters, our truth and with nature. Nature, the great master, teacher, healer, guru and friend. Nature will carry her home when she cannot walk. Nature will guide her when her compass is failing.


Finally, she will save herself.

She will save the world by liberating herself. She does not need to become an award-winning coach, international speaker, published writer, or famous psychic. {Though if she does any of these – or something similarly inspiring –  in alignment with her truth, she will feel empowered and fulfilled… but these are not necessary.} She simply needs to free herself from the shackles that have been placed upon her.

Her freedom will come from designing her own life, from obeying her heart above all else, from heeding nature’s guidance, from choosing how her days unfold, from a deep love for herself, from aligning her desires to the wishes of her highest self, from carving her own path every day, from opening herself to abundance, and from believing in magic and love.


When she is free, the world is free.

Let’s do this.



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