Conscious Awakening in an Unconscious World

How do we move through the troubling times in the world?

How can we heal and save the planet while still standing strong?

I’ve been asking Spirit, myself and my mentors these questions for a while now. And in the end, it seems so simple, really.

First, we will awaken.

Becoming conscious is an organic process that involves shedding and dissolving layers of fear, doubt, mistrust towards yourself, and anything that’s numbing you or unresolved within your deepest self.

As you awaken, you learn to surrender it all to the Divine, who has been orchestrating this global healing and awakening all over the world.

Consciously, and without attachments, you then heal on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic), clear out your house, prioritising your wellbeing, meditate, eat high-vibing foods, set clear intentions, create firm boundaries, find satisfying ways to have fun (more dancing and soul circles, less alcohol and reality TV), and read the books that call to your heart.

Awakening seems scary at first, because there is so much unknown on the path ahead. But soon you’ll realise, this is how we come home.

Then, we will connect.

When we connect to the Universe within, we connect to the Universe all around. Our Souls are literally pieces of God. When we are still enough to hear the voice within us, our deep and eternal Soul, we hear God. When we honour our heart’s yearnings, we honour God. When we dance to our own unique and vibrant rhythm, we dance with the Goddess.

It’s time to rise, time to connect to our Soul, our purpose, our soul brothers and sisters, our truth and with nature. Nature, the great master, teacher, healer, guru and friend. Nature will carry us home when we cannot walk. Nature will guide us when our compass is failing.

Finally, we will save ourselves and the world.

We will save the world by liberating ourselves first. As we free ourselves from the shackles that have been placed on us from society, our freedom will resonate loudly throughout the world.

Your freedom comes from designing your own life, from obeying your heart above all else, from heeding nature’s guidance, from choosing how your days unfold, from a deep love for yourself, from aligning your desires with the wishes of your highest self, from opening yourself to abundance, and from believing in magic and love.

When you are free, the world is free.

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