Soul Food for Body, Mind + Spirit


There are many delicious, decadent and soulful ways to nourish yourself and look after your whole being.

Your body, mind and Spirit aren’t completely separate entities that need different things to keep them well. Anything that benefits one will benefit the rest. But it’s good to indulge in an array of healthy delights and activities so that every part of you can thrive.

Dig into these delicious, holistic, healing ideas and feel yourself come alive.


Good food nourishes the gut, which our whole physical system depends on for optimum health. Today is the day to ditch processed and artificial foods, sugar, and any other food or ingredient which is dragging down your energy, causing brain fog, bloating your belly, giving you the shakes, keeping you up at night, or otherwise interfering with you feeling your best.

Try this: A rainbow of vegetables every day, plenty of filtered water, and fruit, grains (that your body can process easily), nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oils, coconut, fish and eggs. Keep it local and seasonal too.

Skip this: Food in packages, artificial colours, preservatives, and numbers. Ask your intuition for guidance around soy, meat, dairy and wheat.


Essential oils are powerfully potent little life helpers. They inspire, relax, uplift, balance, chill, and heal. Just one drop can change your whole day.

When you have an assortment of oils handy, you can check in daily with your intuition to see what you need. Your sense of smell changes as often as your physicality and emotions do. Let your nose decide what you need and your intuition tell you where you need it. It may feel random, but trust that you know what’s best for you.

Try this: Citrus for clearing your personal energy, oregano for relieving colds, lavender for relaxation, peppermint for cooling, or frankincense for grounding.

Skip this: Common perfumes can be completely artificial and incredibly toxic for your health and the health of those who live, sleep and work near you. Essential oils are so much more sensual as a perfume, and have endless health benefits too.


Go hug a tree, get a little sun on your body and breathe in the deeply healing and nurturing vibes outside. Get your bare feet on Mama Earth, plant some new herbs, sit near the ocean, and let the wind blow your concerns away.

Try this: Keep your breaths deep, your heart light, your mind positive, and every now and then, turn your face towards the sky in gratitude.

Skip this: If all your outdoor walks are in running shoes on concrete, you’re missing out on nature’s full spectrum of healing. Once a week, take your shoes off and let your feet connect with the earth.


Meditations are a great way to clear the mind, but sometimes our Higher Self wants to take us on a journey. The next time you’re feeling restless while you’re meditating, try following the feelings or visuals that come your way.

You might see yourself going for a walk, travelling through space, sitting with a loved one who has passed away, receiving knowledge or awareness, or shining a particular colour onto a part of your body. Go with it! Trust what you see. Let your mind’s eye take you on an adventure.

Try this: Let your emotions flow as you journey. You may not know why you’re laughing or crying, but let each emotion flow freely. You can open your eyes at any time, but come back to your body as gently as possible.

Skip this: If you feel uncomfortable at any time, simply ask only for Spirits, Angels and visions of pure love and light, and the rest will be taken away from you.


Wisdom from books is the best kind of nourishment for your Soul. Soak up pages and pages of love and guidance, answers and inspiration, stories and tales on all kinds of topics and feel your whole being sigh with satisfaction.

These days self-help topics are endless. You might be surprised with the titles that jump off the shelf and into your lap in a bookstore or at a friend’s house.

Try this: Make time every day to read something, even if it’s just a small, random paragraph from a favourite book.

Skip this: Once you start a book, there’s no need to finish it if it doesn’t feel right for you now. And it’s good for the energy of your home to donate old books that you don’t reference or love anymore.


Start each day with positive and high energy and not only will you attract positivity and abundance into your life, but you will also create momentum that helps you feel that way all day.

Take a moment each day to remind yourself of your strengths, have something to look forward to, celebrate every achievement, sing your gratitude to the Universe, and feel the loving energy all around you fill your heart.

Try this: “I am strong, wise, loving and creative,” or “I nourish and cherish myself every single day,” or “Every happens for me when I am ready.”

Skip this: Avoid using negative terms, even though you’re trying to avoid feeling negative. Replace “I am not unhappy, unwell or unloved” with “My body, mind, and Spirit are happy, healthy and loved”. And so it is.


Travel is uplifting for the Soul, it opens you wide to new experiences, fresh inspiration, endless creativity, a sense of adventure and meeting new people. You don’t have to go far to fulfil your Soul’s wanderlust, your home town or city will have hidden or soulful spots that can renew your Spirit.

Try this: Ask around for your friend’s favourite local adventures and see which of them lights you up and gives you a feeling of joy or excitement. Go there.

Skip this: You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy an adventure. Pack your own picnic and an open mind, and let spontaneity be your guide.


Friendships are one of the most intense ways to feed your Soul. Connect with people who make you feel good about yourself, who lift your vibrations higher, who take the time to listen, who love you for who you are.

Actively take time to lift other people up too, whether they are friends, family, or strangers. Embrace an attitude of loving kindness wherever you go.

Try this: Volunteer your time to help others, call friends randomly to remind them of how awesome they are, or send a handwritten letter.

Skip this: Keep your boundaries crystal clear. You don’t need to open your heart or your energy to people who don’t feel good or cause you pain.

Love yourself first

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