11 Habits of Highly Spiritual People

From my experience with deeply spiritual people, and all along my own personal spiritual path, I’ve come across these 11 habits time and again.

It doesn’t mean that without all of these you aren’t spiritual. These are just helpful, practical tools that you can sprinkle throughout your day to find more meaning, deeper peace, and a happier life.

1. Rise early

I’m slowly getting hooked on early mornings. Each day that I set my alarm for 5:30 or 5:45, I honestly have the best day. I totally get why loads of spiritual people I know get up early to shower, meditate and create.

My kids are awake about 7am. The more time I get to myself before I need to tend to their needs, the calmer and more centred I feel. If my hubby is home I might go for a walk or a jog, especially now that the sun is rising a little earlier.

A rushed meditation doesn’t soothe my soul the way a leisurely one in complete silence does. All that emptiness gives room for Divine guidance, intuitive understanding, and deep healing to pour through. That’s exactly how I like to start my day!

2. Shout gratitude

When I’m in the midst of a meltdown, when I’m feeling so much lack, or when my ego is front and centre, the last thing I would normally feel like doing is giving thanks. But that’s exactly what helps the most in those tricky, sinking, tough moments.

I’ve learned from so many openly spiritual writers that gratitude is one of the fastest and easiest ways to turn your face to the sun. When you mindfully gather all the good things in your life around you, you help yourself to feel blessed all over again.

And suddenly all those small worries and cares are blown away.

3. Forgive quickly

We all do hurtful things to each other. It’s hard to admit our fault, but that’s what it’s like to be messy and human. Some people will intentionally hurt you, others won’t mean to, but as long as you’re connected to the outside world, or live with people in your space, you’ll feel pain caused by other people.

Forgive them. It doesn’t mean you have to spend time with them, it doesn’t mean that you condone their behaviour, it doesn’t mean you’re okay with what happened, it just means that you choose to be free.

Forgiveness is a habit that may feel uncomfortable at first. Keep trying. Be willing to forgive. The more you practice this, the easier it will come. And the freer you’ll be.

4. Clear negative energy

It’s become second nature for me to clear negative energy, although a few years ago I didn’t know anything about it! There are so many ways to clear the negative energy out of your life, and they’re worth incorporating into your daily life in some way.

You could open all the windows in your house, burn sage, and get some aromatherapy happening at home. You can clear the unhelpful or negative cords in your energy field, carry healing crystals with you, or have an energy healing. You can intentionally fill yourself with love during a mindful meditation.

Regularly check in with yourself to see if you’re feeling light, positive and clear. Your intuition will know what to do if you’re not.

5. Protect yourself

After my morning meditation I, always ask Archangel Michael to protect the kids and myself during the day ahead. This is so important to do every morning, as protection is an ongoing need for all of us, not a one off request. I imagine a big, dark blue cloak wrapping around me, and mini ones around the kids.

Protection is also about setting firm boundaries, knowing your worth, saying no to things that aren’t genuinely good for you, and having faith that you’re being taken care of.

I think the reason why so many spiritual people I know have such ease and grace about them is because they’re living life on their own terms, which means saying no – with ease and grace – a lot!

6. Seek guidance

Not every spiritual person I know turns to tarot or oracle cards, and not every one of them regularly sees a psychic, but most spiritual friends of mine seek guidance in some way.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It’s so important.

It could mean spending time with a wholehearted coach, counsellor or psychologist. It may be calling a friend when you can’t get out of a slump. Or it might be tuning into your own wisdom and divine connections. You never know what you might need to hear. Trust that if it feels good, it’s right for you.

7. Read endlessly

What would I do without my favourite spiritual books? Spiritual wisdom is passed on so powerfully through the pages of a juicy, meaningful book. On social media I, follow so many incredible spiritual people, and they are always, always, sharing what they’ve learned from their latest read.

Trust your instinct when buying or borrowing books, and never loan a book to a friend if it’s a favourite. Take time to read and you’ll be inspired, enlightened, understood, and engaged with knowledge that could turn your life around.

 8. Nourish mind, body and spirit

Good vibes come from eating wholefoods, sleeping well, breathing deeply, drinking lots of filtered water, and grounding yourself.

You can also nourish yourself with essential oils, long baths, exercise, fresh flowers, time in nature, herbal tea and kitchen dance parties.

Nourishment is as much about what you do as what you don’t do. When I eat the foods I’m sensitive to, when I drink wine, when I let my ego take the wheel, when I don’t respect myself or see my worth, when I work late at night, I sap nourishment from my soul. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, it can have consequences for days.

9. Go solo

Spiritual people seem to develop a bold, badass courage that helps them to forge their own path in life. It’s not easy at first. If you don’t do the things that all your friends are doing, it’s hard to keep up with their conversation. That’s when you know it’s time to either start a new conversation or find new friends.

A community of soulful friends should support you to do your own thing, and go your own way. A tribe of like-minded people will inspire you to be truly you, no matter what. They will celebrate you, exactly as you are. Find them, but always be true to your own path.

10. Laugh a lot

Life can be uphill, there is so much darkness to unearth some days, so we all need to give ourselves a break with a deep belly laugh or twenty. See a movie, read a hilarious book, or just look for ways to weave more laughs into your day.

Spiritual journeys require lots of serious contemplation, but it’s not all heavy and dense. We need to lighten our own and each other’s load along the way too. Don’t run from the weighty issues, but don’t let them bring you down for long.

11. Live simply

De-cluttering is a huge trend at the moment because living minimally has so many life-changing benefits. A clean and neat house allows space for you to live with ease, plus it means less cleaning and a less cluttered mind.

There’s so much deep contentment to be found in eating simply, wasting as little as possible, spending time close to the earth, carving out periods of time to be without screens or interruptions, working in alignment on jobs that bring you joy, and doing without whatever you don’t need.

Find a way to bring more simplicity into your day, and your creativity, spirituality, and energy will thrive inside the space you create.

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