Writing a Self-Help Book: Part 1


I’ve been writing a book for five years, and yet here I am .  .  .

Renewing my creative resolve.

Shedding dusty, old ideas.

Finding new courage and strength.

Taking a deep breath.

.  .  . Starting over.



For five years I wrote a book about good food and eating well. It was all about sourcing whole foods, cooking with love, mindful eating, intuitive guidance, blessing food, and giving thanks. Food, scrumptious food.

In between the book writing, I had a baby girl, raised a boy, and did a hundred other jobs. So it’s not like the book was everything.

And yet, it kinda was.

Then last Friday morning, as I prepared myself for the Hay House Writer’s Workshop on the weekend, I heard a message. It came to me in a meditation, and although it felt new and strange it was also familiar.

I knew it was coming, but it still bowled me over. It was an “Oh I thought so BUT SERIOUSLY?!” moment.

The voice said that the first book isn’t meant to be all about food. It will be so much broader, encapsulating all the many things about spirituality that I am currently living and learning. Yes, this includes food. (Phew!) And SO much more. I was told to grieve the old book and give thanks for its important part along my writing journey.

I am deeply grateful not only for the message but also for the way I surrendered into the newness, softly, rather than clinging onto what I thought was right, fiercely.

Rather than obsessing over the thousands of words I’ve already written.

I just let go.

And fell into a new dream, one that aligns PERFECTLY with everything going on right now.


Over the weekend with Hay House, I felt inspired, challenged, lifted, validated, amused, connected, and aligned. It was just the wind in my sails that I’ve been waiting for.

So this week, I start writing the book.

I will outline 10-14 chapters and play with catchy titles.

I will get my final ebook to my designer asap. The beauty of a free ebook is that it builds your subscriber list and gives people a taste of what’s to come. So it’s definitely a priority!

I will rest and calibrate my creative juices.

I will wake early and write with the birds. Perhaps, shockingly, before them.

I will collaborate with other goddesses on a similar path.

I will stay in the light and never criticise myself for anything.

I will love Instagram and Facebook so hard that they won’t be able to help themselves and will love me right back.

I will not stress about my bursting to-do list, I will simply focus on what brings me joy.


And another grand journey begins.

Big love







  1. Awesome. So exciting and just what I needed to hear. Thank you xN

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