5 Ways to Enrich + Expand Your Meditation Practice

I completely and utterly adore transcendental meditation. It’s the best foundation for a solid and deeply spiritual practice, and it’s really raised my vibrations since I learned the process.

It creates space in your day to connect inwards into the purely divine part of you – your soul. When you are sitting with your soul, you’re sitting with Great Spirit. You’re communing silently with God. You’re basking in the wordless love and light from the heart of the universe.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

Since journeying to Mount Shasta, California, for a much needed sacred pilgrimage, I’ve learned to fully surrender into the peace of meditation, and follow it up with a few rituals that start my day on an inspired and joyous note.

Even if you sit still for ten minutes in the morning, you can use the following tools to completely expand your energy and your life at the end of your meditation practice.

  1. Violet flame

As a colour, violet has the highest frequency and is so powerful for healing. Where there is negativity in your life, the violet flame can transmute this into positive energy. Transmuting means to change form. This is a powerful tool as I’ve learned to not wish negativity away, but to notice it, embrace it, and then transmute it into something positive. Just by thinking about it.

When I’ve completed my 20-minute meditation I allow a violet flame to wash over me and turn any negativity, fear, anxiety, or doubts into positive feelings of trust, love, and peace. I have felt this flame perform so many miracles, and I believe with all my heart it can help me in any situation.

Close your eyes and imagine a bright pinky purple flame all around you. Sit with it as long as you need until you feel a shift. Give thanks.

  1. Grounding

If you’re prone to anxiety, over-active thoughts, or flightiness (like me), I highly recommend grounding yourself often throughout your day, especially in the morning.

Once I’ve felt completely cleansed by the violet flame, I imagine I have roots seeping into the ground, all the way to the core of the earth. Some days this takes a few seconds, other days I need to sit with this for a few minutes until I feel grounded. And whenever I feel my breath become shallow or my thoughts carried away with fear, I do it again. And again.

Place both feet flat on the ground, and with your eyes closed imagine you have roots of light coming from your hips, down your legs, and into the ground. See the roots moving all the way into the layers of the earth until they hit the core. You’ll know when you’re completely grounded and connected because you’ll feel more relaxed, connected, and calm.

  1. Highest self

Your highest self is your complete soul consciousness. Your soul is in spirit form, and doesn’t have to remain all in your body all the time. Inviting your highest self back into your body every day (even if you don’t meditate), will make a big difference to how you feel.

After I’ve sat with the violet flame and grounded into the earth, I invite my highest self into my body by simply asking it to come in fully. I usually shudder slightly and then smile. The joy I feel when I’m complete is so beautiful and lasts all day. This practice has been a massive game-changer for me.

Ask your highest self to come back inside your body with a simple request: “Highest Self, I invite you to fully and completely return to my body and stay with me today.” When you feel a physical or emotional shift, give thanks.

  1. Intention

Setting intentions is a vital part of my morning routine. I usually look for ways that I haven’t been feeling particularly abundant, and I turn the negative feeling into a positive intention so that I’m able to heal that aspect of myself.

For example, if I have been feeling frustrated or angry, I’ll set an intention such as: “I am calm, I am at peace, and I radiate tranquillity in everything I do.” I might need to repeat it a few times before it sinks in, but once it has and all doubts have disappeared, I know my day is off to an amazing start.

  1. Visualisation

What you envisage, you become. What you believe in, you will have. What you are grateful for, you attract more of. Knowing this, I have transformed my life from the perspective of victim mode – where everything is happening to me – to goddess mode – where everything is happening for me.

In victim mode, life is a drag. Negativity brings in endless negativity and when we don’t take responsibility for who we’re being and how we’re living, the cycle persists.

In goddess mode, life is bliss. Positivity escalates quickly when we set our sights high and believe we deserve to feel good every day.

At the end of my meditation and all of the above rituals, I spend time visualising my best life. Healthy kids, a happy husband, wildly successful writing, time in nature… you name it. If I don’t have time to do this in the morning, I’ll do it when I’m settled in bed at night.

Visualise what you want to achieve. Visualise what you want to receive. Visualise where you want to go and who you want to be and how you want to feel. Visualise your ideal day. Visualise the best possible outcome.

Enjoy these rituals as a part of your meditation journey. Embrace what feels good for you, and let go of whatever isn’t working for you right now.

All love






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