Create a Community of Love

Humans were made for loving humans

Hands were made for holding hands and touching others with a heartfelt, raw and generous love.

Arms were made for hugging the people you adore with wide, warm wings of joy, bringing them cheek to cheek and closer than close.

Lips were made for kissing the lips of the precious loves in your life, sparking feelings of intense bliss and melting away all the worries and fears in your heart.

Mouths were made for laughing and crying and telling stories and giving hope and praying for your special tribe.

Eyes were made for expression and connection and finding the light in others.

Bodies were made to snuggle other bodies and all the other fun stuff that bodies do.


The need for connection runs deep and wide.

We keep each other warm, we hold each other physically and energetically, we smile in sync, we nod in recognition. We connect lover to lover, friend to friend, stranger to stranger, heart to heart in so many indescribable ways.

We crave connection from the second we’re born until our souls are free once more. The positive physiological reactions inside of our bodies that are the direct result of touch and other forms of connection are limitless and utterly glorious.

Love is so often unspoken because words seem to limit the vast enormity of what love really is. Love is energy, emotion, feelings, intentions, and a place to call home. It’s eternity. It’s the language of our Soul which is way beyond the language we know on earth.

Divine love is found all over the world in the most unexpected of places. In a healing. In a sunset. In a stranger’s smile. In a flower. In laughter. In meditation. In a conscious breath.

You can find divine love in any moment by opening your heart and letting it pour in and out of you. Feel this now. Let it be your daily ritual. To love and be loved unconditionally. Open-hearted people make the world feel love. And isn’t that just everything?

Create your own kind of loving community with an open heart and a willingness to connect in unexpected and intuitive ways.

All love


Photo credit: Mat Simpson via photopin+ creative commons.





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