Rise Up and Change the World

Every day we rise.




Every single day we have the chance to start anew. To create what we want from our day and our lives.

Every day we have the opportunity to embrace our struggles and hold strong in this moment, the only one that matters.

Life will present endless challenges, but every challenge is an opportunity.

And right now the world is full of challenges, large and small, ridiculously significant and seemingly insignificant, global and personal, old and new.

Which means right now, at this time in history, there are more opportunities than ever to make a difference.


So today, let’s rise. Let’s rise from our homes with a purpose, a message, and a voice.


Let’s rise up in love, in courage, with hope, faith, and commitment.


Rising up means different things to different people.

Rising with courage can be found…

in the midst of a march

in between the words of a political poem

in a hug from a stranger

in the trail of a tear

in the courage of a truth teller’s eyes

in the rawness of a photograph

in the passion of an open conversation

in the stories of hope passed down through the generations

and in so many other moments.


Show up in your own way, but know your values.

Understand your worth. Believe in what you stand for.

And know in your bones that you can make a big difference, just by being willing.


Rise up and shine on x



Pic credit: Matthew McCreadie (Australian)  Paint Me a Picture via photopin + creativecommons.org







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