Living Deeply on Purpose

There’s an eternal drive in all of us to find our purpose, leave our mark, and create a legacy.

It’s something that drives many of us to leave unfulfilling careers and pursue those that matter. But the one thing we do not need to do as we rise in our consciousness is stress about getting the one and only job for me or making it finally perfect.

Your purpose reveals itself to you throughout your life, it’s a gift that you continuously open.

It’s never confined to a job… Your purpose is your journey.

Living on purpose is about the little things you do every day that create a lifetime of meaning.

When you find yourself living in a way that feels aligned with your soul, you’re living on purpose. When you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, living and expressing your truth, following the yearnings from deep inside your soul, loving and listening to yourself, life becomes about purpose and purpose becomes your life.





Start where you’re at and trust that the Divine will take you where you need to go.

When you follow your heart and have faith in tomorrow, you get the chance to live on purpose. Because it’s not about chasing a purpose, some distant ideal of what you think your life should look like. It’s taking time today to tune inside your soul so you can know yourself intimately and allow yourself and your life’s purpose to unfold.

Living on purpose isn’t about hustling harder. It’s not about pushing more. The way to your truth isn’t found in spending more, or talking louder, or eating more, or waiting for the perfect moment, or getting better hair or stronger arms…


It’s about going deeper.


Deeper into meditation

Deeper into human connection

Deeper into creative outlets

Deeper into your curiosities

Deeper into nature

Deeper into love

Deeper into convictions

Deeper into the moment

Deeper into every single emotion that arises

Deeper into wherever your intuition guides you


Deeper into anything that feels aligned, no matter how unexpected or unconventional… because that’s wild and delicious purpose right there.


Go deeper. Feel more. Live your purpose.



All love




Photo credit: Pink Beach Boardwalk via photopin + creative commons


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