Bliss is Your Natural State

The first feelings of love. The heart of a massage. A chance meeting of like-minded friends. A sun shower on a hot day. A crackling, open fire on a cold one. Squeals from deliriously happy children. A lingering kiss from your partner. Travelling to new places. A brand new sunrise. A killer sunset. Music that lifts the soul.

Ahhhh bliss.

Bliss is our natural state.

When we’re home in the Spirit world, after our body dies, before we’re born again into another, we experience bliss almost constantly. It’s a contented, deeper feeling of bliss that we may not experience so often here on earth.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could?

After a recent experience of pure bliss, I decided to try out a little experiment.

I was having my hair done. It was loud and hot and I was tired. My divine hairdresser put the colour in and when it was ready, she asked another girl to wash it out. This girl had magic hands. Spirit fingers. She took those hands and washed, conditioned, and then… she massaged.

Her hands kneaded my scalp like she was wringing an over-sized wet jumper. The pressure. The rhythm. The BLISS.

All thoughts stopped. I was so oblivious to the noise and intensely in the moment that my whole being – physical, emotional, spiritual – lifted. What I felt was beyond happy, it was just something else.

And then I realised… this must be what it’s like to be dead. To be home, back in the Spirit world, surrounded by loved ones and guides and pure light and love and compassion. Without a single human care in the world.

Something big and bright shifted in me that day. So I created an experiment. A crazy idea, really, and I wasn’t sure if it would work.

I decided to let bliss lead the way. To literally follow my bliss every single day. To find bliss in people and conversations and nature and work and everything.

Bliss is easy when you’re happy. When the living is easy. When you get good sleep and the kids are healthy and work seems to flow… but what about the other, inevitable days of turmoil? What about when things are suffocatingly hard? Could I find that bliss and let it hold me? Not as a way to bypass the negative feelings or tough conversations, but as an anchor to remind me of who I am and keep me centered in love?

It unfolded in unexpected but beautiful ways. Last week was one of the hardest in a while, and through it all, I could feel the blissed out state of my soul deep inside of me. Like embers that will never burn out. The crying and screaming, the anger and frustration didn’t last long. I just felt it deeply, processed it completely and moved on without it dragging behind me.

Then yesterday I fell into an unexpected depression. For a while, I couldn’t shake it. I was going deeper and deeper into the dark, heavy, fogginess of it all… and then my heart whispered “bliss”. I smiled. I felt the inner bliss, only it was more buried than ever. Still, that spark helped me to remember my natural state. I felt less resistant and more at ease. I took my homeopathic remedy for depression. I took some vitamin D3. I had a big, beautiful, nourishing dinner, and by the time I arrived at a new spiritual development course last night, I was well on my way to feeling well.

That night, at the course I attended, I experiences a heart-opening meditation, divine connection, and a return to love.

Ahhh bliss… there you are.

The bliss experiment doesn’t aim for perfection. It doesn’t mean depression can easily be fixed – I’m so grateful that this particular episode was remarkably light and I caught it early. It simply means I’m raising the vibes every day so I can handle life however it wants to come at me.

All love









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