How to be a Wholehearted, Impactful Writer

Writers dream up ideas, weave words together, then wrap them up in a net of hope and catapult them out into the world, praying they make a difference.

Because that’s the whole point, right? The main reason a wholehearted writer like you wants to connect on social media, with a newsletter, in an ebook, course, workshop or blog is because it means you’re making a difference. Having an impact. Leaving a legacy. Raising the vibes.

But what if no-one’s listening? Is it time to change course or give up?

Maybe you’re blocked. Maybe you’re over-thinking it. Maybe you’ve forgotten why you started in the first place. Maybe you’ve lost your way. Maybe you’re trying to save the entire world instead of starting with your community and going from there. Maybe you’ve created a niche that you feel stuck with, instead of embracing change and a fresh direction.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Margaret Mead.

If you want to get you back on purpose, have a play with these questions:

Who do you want to serve?

Who is your ideal reader? Where do they live, what do they look like and what do they do? What do they want out of life? What’s frustrating them, causing them fear, or stopping them from being happy? Where do they go for advice? What are they reading online? Try to understand at a deep level what they need in their life to live with ease and joy. No one can change the whole world, so choose the people who you can make the biggest impact on and get to know them well.

Why are you writing for them?

Why are you writing? Why do you show up regularly to send a newsletter? Why are you on social media? What’s the whole point for you? Why do you want to change the world anyway? Because you want to be a part of the miracle or you just want to look good? Be honest here. Even if it sounds shallow to begin with, keep digging deeper until you find the gold. And when you find that gold, alchemise it into magic for your life. Witness your honestly and get to know your why intimately or re-write the why if you don’t align with it anymore.

What’s in your heart that you must share?

What do you have to give the world that is unique and so desperately needed? If you could write something in the sky so everyone on earth could see it, what would it be? What do you wish people knew in their hearts? What do people ask you about time and time again? What has changed in your life that has been so powerful that you want everyone to know about?

How will you let them know?

How are you going to get your message across? You might want to try different ways of crafting words and creating posts/courses/etc until it feels really juicy or aligned or compelling. Will you tell stories? Will you collaborate? Will you research a topic and deliver some well-grounded information and advice? Will you create a thoughtful video to bring your writing to life? Will you be brave and keep trying new ways until you find an inspiring way to share your wisdom? Perhaps you could try micro-blogging on social media, or writing for other websites, or starting a mastermind group.

However you revamp your writing style or message, keep writing. And when all else fails, you can always make great big, bold ripples and shifts with a generous dose of honesty. Pure, undiluted, uncensored, untamed truth.

Listen to the universe, follow the signs, stay in a state of flow, write from your heart, and then let go of any expectations about the outcome.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”        Steve Jobs

Above all, be yourself.

Much love


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