Enrich Your Life with Curiosity + Creativity

Lately, I’ve learned that being curious and creative are far better goals than being right, perfect or neat. In every life-changing book I’ve read lately, the wisdom that burns down into my soul is centred on curiosity and creativity.


“I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious,” Albert Einstein.


CURIOSITY will help you see past the obvious, into the big, wide, endless realm of possibility. It will open your mind. It will free you from preconceived ideas, old notions, and assumed truth. It will move you to ask questions, lots of them, about everything. It will soften your defensive wall of opinions.

Curiosity will give you empathy and compassion. It will slowly dissolve fear. It will clear the way for the most amazing things to happen in your life. It will bring people to you, people who have been sent to uplift you, challenge you, heal you or help you shine brighter. It will help you connect with those already in your life who you may have overlooked… those who are there for a good reason, but perhaps not what you think they’re there for.

Curiosity will bring a sense of wonder into your life that is beautifully childlike and possibly a little ridiculous. And that’s more than okay.


“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world,” Brene Brown.


CREATIVITY is a multi-layered, three-dimensional, expansive way of living. It’s not simply creating crafty or artistic things, it’s also using your imagination to play, have fun, break the rules, and live a blissful life on your terms.

Creativity is the best possible way to look at any problem. It’s about finding joyful and soulful solutions to big and little questions and troubles. It’s knowing what you want but being open and flexible to how you will get it. It’s understanding that the unexpected is welcome and often just what you need.

Creativity is about risks and faith. It’s taking a fun or frivolous idea, believing in it so hard, and turning it into something real. It’s experimenting with everything in order to find what is good and true for you, not right or perfect.


“I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities,” Mario Testino.


When you let your inner curiosity flow through an endlessly creative life, you’ll find yourself going down paths you never thought you’d wander.

You’ll stop competing, even with yourself. You’ll be blissfully happy because your needs to create, explore and connect are being fulfilled.

The more you live from your eternally curious and creative intuition, the more courageous you will feel and the more life will simply flow. You’ll find your passions and your purpose… not in a lightening bolt, but by following the bread crumbs. Only the curious see the crumbs, and only the creative know what to do with them.


Follow your curiosity. Live creatively.

Be open to miracles.

Much love







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