Queen, Goddess, Warrior… Mama

This is for all you beautiful, amazing, messy, devoted, exhausted mamas… 

You don’t have to breastfeed to be an earth mama.

You don’t have to feed your kidlets organic everything to care about their health.

You can play movies in the car, train or plane and still raise worldy, well-travelled, open-minded kids.

You can work full-time and still be a hands-on, involved, connected mama.

You can stay at home and still be personally and professionally satisfied.

You can cancel playdates whenever you please. You can also choose to not have overbearing, rude or hurtful kids at your place ever. Your family. Your day. Your house. Your choice.

You can avoid live kids shows forever and not be any less of a mama than those who bravely front up every school holidays.

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to indulge yourself every single day.

You can live with the spirit of divine compassion and have the occasional yelling rant.

You don’t have to make everything from scratch. Seriously.

You can be in complete awe of your child’s development and not know what wonder week they’re up to.

You don’t need to stay in a mums group that you don’t like. Grab the girls you click with and run, baby, run!

You don’t have to read a single parenting magazine to know what to do. If they help you, read them all. If they don’t, forget them.

You’re allowed to whinge and complain. Parenting and adulting at the same time is hard work. I get it. Just choose a friend who gets it too.

You don’t have to sleep when the baby sleeps. You can eat chocolate cake in the sun with Radiohead blaring into headphones if you like.

You can give your child a dummy, a barbie, a drum kit, play phone, helmet, or whatever gets you through the day… and not give a damn what anyone else thinks or says.

You can say no as often and as loudly as you need to.

You don’t have to put up with rude people in your life, even if you’re related to them. If they won’t support who you are and your choices, give them some space. Be generous and selfish with the space you give.

You can absolutely pash your partner when the kids are in the same room.

You can breastfeed wherever, however and whenever you need to. No need to hide in toilets, change rooms or under a tent.


You are a queen. You are a goddess. You are a warrior.

You are a mama. It’s the best, hardest, craziest job in the world. And it’s all yours.

Do it your way…





  1. Ahh you beautiful goddess mama you – I love this SO much. Chocolate cake in the sun with Radiohead yes yes YES! Ha ha… Such a loving and accepting message for all of us. xx

  2. I loved this post Kris. I’ve passed the baby stage, but I was nodding my head YES YES YES and loving the sense of freedom your words gave. All us mamas can liberate ourselves by owning the way we mother, and dumping all those fearful ‘shoulds’ and so-called rules, at every stage of our children’s lives. It can just take a while to get to that place when it’s all so new xx

    • Thank you Laurelle! Freedom for all! Just learning to be a mama to a little one all over again has me thinking about all the ways in we judge ourselves and others way too harshly, just for being different. “Owning the way we mother” is perfect! Yes… that! xxx

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