The Benefits of Slow + Mindful Writing

So many of my best blog posts and magazine articles started their lives as pen on paper.

There’s something so relaxed and indulgent about curling up on my sweet, soft sofa, far from the maddening computer screen, with a thick notepad and a favourite pen. I feel freer. The comfortable space allows me to open up and make room for new ideas.

As I sit there most days, for work and for pleasure, thoughts trickle down and dance their way into sentences. Some don’t make it far, others are fleshed out for miles. This process of moving a pen around, writing, scratching out, starting again and moving on… it’s therapy, progress, and creative work all in one.

Slow and considered writing is how I feel most creative and content, inspired and grounded, on purpose and able to serve. When I give into this urge daily I feel myself grow in so many ways. It helps shape me into a better writer, a more conscious creator, and a happier person.

Next time you have something important to write… a card, blog post, article, essay, outline, idea, chapter, journal entry, or book… take a deep breath and let the pressure slip away, let the urgency fall all around you. Rushing and forcing will not serve you or your work.

Instead, take a moment to sink into the heart of it. Make some tea. Stretch your arms. Face the sun. This isn’t an excuse to procrastinate, but to write from a place of love, intention, joy, and wholeheartedness.

Hopefully there you’ll find that sweet spot where you feel calm, inspired and aligned.

Get comfortable. Open to a fresh page. Pick up a pen or pencil.

And begin.

 All love






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