Sacred Sanctuary ~ A Poem About Connection

Hold my hand, sweet one

While we sleep


Let our minds

Anchor each other

And reset

Back to love


So our hearts

Can exhale

And beat

With one accord


And our souls

May hold on

And fly

To heaven and back


In the morning

Through golden light

And deep yawns


May we know

From our inner depths

That alone

We are whole


But together

We are

A sacred sanctuary



Photo credit: 18-07-10 In Kindness There Is Strength via Photopin + Creative Commons




  1. Kris, this is divine. I love when you share such beautiful, heartfelt poetry xx

  2. Thank you Chloe you’re the sweetest x

  3. Wow Kris! I’m emotional reading this. Your love for your little girl shines through so much. It’s glorious! x

    • Elizabeth thank you so much, so nice to hear it touched you as well. Would you believe I actually wrote it about my husband? Isn’t that the beauty of poetry… when it’s about love, it’s about LOVE. Much love to you x

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