How to Tune In to Your Intuition

There’s a presence within that is yearning for your attention.

Can you hear it calling to you? Can you feel the pull of your wise intuitive self?

Your intuition is divinity, energy, senses, memories, wisdom, and pure love.

It’s your true Self, your Highest Self, guiding you.

Your intuition is an intricate network, a web of energetic, physical, spiritual and psychological feedback.

And it knows what’s true for you… because it is the highest part of you.

You can hear it when you’re quiet.

Eyes closed, deep breaths, relaxed awareness.

All the answers you are searching for are right there. Inside and around you there is guidance that goes beyond logic to bring you guidance in every moment.

It’s there you’ll find your true home. Your intuition is the voice of your wild Soul. It’s the pull of your heart. The energy matrix all around you.The endless information from your physical senses. Your instinct is found within the boundaries of your gut. The drive of your unconscious. The experience of many lifetimes. Your insight is the consciousness of your mind. It’s your delicious aha moments. It’s new information that merges with what you already know.

Pay attention.

Some days the wisdom will spill over into a dream. Other days it will fall on your lap in the words of a book. Or it may make itself known through a song or in the poetry of nature. It may come to you in serendipity, goosebumps, gut ache, or an expansive heart.

You might find it in meditation or it could shine through during deep journalling. It may be under a complex history of stories and hurt which need to be spoken or felt. Or it may be tucked tightly into the hug of a friend. Truth, wisdom and pure love are there. It’s the still, small voice that needs only space and awareness to be heard.

Take a deep breath. Place your hands on your heart centre. Ask yourself anything you need to know. And listen for the answer that you know is from LOVE.

What is it asking of you today? To be still and calm? To look after yourself? To forgive and move on? To love, love, love? To be open to miracles? To take a dive into the unknown? To connect with a like-minded soul? To surrender?

Take a moment to sit still, connect inwards, listen and honour what you hear, see and/or know.

Tune in. Take note. Have faith.

And always honour your wisdom.

With love






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