Self-Care for the Creative Soul

You are such a magnificent creature, but you’ll never live up to your incredible potential if you’re not deeply looking after yourself.

And burnout ain’t pretty. It’s the truth.

You need to work out what kind of self-care is the most indulgent, nourishing, and calming for you.

And you need to regularly put it in your diary. Self-care isn’t something that happens when you have nothing else to do and you feel like a bath… it’s the time you priorise to do the things that light you up and replenish your spirit.

You can call in all the abundance in the world. You can get busy and hustle your way through work. You can give and serve and love and be the light, but if you’re not looking after yourself, you won’t sustain it for long.

It will all feel so heavy.

Here are a few delicious ways to bring back some deeply nourishing self-care into your life…

1. Pause

Instead of jumping from one task to the next, from one meeting to another, from one phone call to another, take a minute to ground yourself. Do whatever works for you: try sitting still for a few minutes, sipping tea quietly, doing a quick guided meditation, or just look at nature for five minutes. Breathe deeply, and get back to your quiet soul. This is the place where your intuition lives and creativity blossoms; it’s vital you get in touch with your self throughout the day.

2. Eat

Everyone needs good, healthy food to create their best work. But when you’re especially busy it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re filling your body with whole foods rich in nutrients. Make as many of your meals from scratch as possible, aim for a rainbow of vegetables, keep the sugar and alcohol to a minimum, and make mealtime sacred (no screens or gossip). Above all, eat what makes your body feel good.

3. Move

Walk, run, bike, swim, stretch, bend, dance and climb. If you don’t have time for a session in the morning or evening, make it a part of your day. Just keep moving. When you’re under the pump, your creativity will stall if you sit for long periods of time. Dance your way through the day. Get moving every hour and your genius will fly!

4. Love

Express gratitude. Call a friend. Hug your partner. Play with the kids. Take a really long, luscious bath. Be kind. Know that you are enough, you are loved, and you are deserving of as much fun as you need. Open yourself to the love of the divine team who are always with you. Make time to be gentle with yourself as well as with those close to you.

5. Connect

Soak up the good vibes from other creatives. You can’t keep churning out your best work if you’re always on your own. Attend or host an event, join a mastermind, organise a brunch or dinner, take a new friend out for a cuppa, and be bold about the need to connect in a way that is comfortable and inspiring for you.

6. Rest

You need good sleep to be your happiest, most creative self. And good sleep only comes to those who turn their screens off an hour before bedtime. Make it a part of your weeknight routine to switch off and read a book, take a bath, or journal about your day.

Self care for you, right now, might be something completely different. It might be about setting boundaries with certain people. It may be clearing your home of clutter. It could be accepting your whole self exactly as you are.

If you’re really honest and open to discovering new ways to take care of yourself, you’ll find self-care to be a beautiful, important, and endless journey for the rest of your days.

All love





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